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38% of Programming Bootcamp Graduates Are Women [STUDY]

programming bootcamp demographics

A study released today by Course Report found that 38% of programming bootcamp graduates are women, more than double the percentage of women graduating with bachelor’s degrees in computer science (14.5%).

Here are some other demographic statistics they discovered:

  • The mean age of a bootcamp student is 29. 
  • Students are primarily white (63%), with 18% Asian. 
  • 14% of students are non-US citizens. 
  • Most students already have a bachelor’s degree (71%) or a master’s degree (15%), suggesting that bootcamps aren’t serving as an alternative to college. 
  • Most students were employed full-time (48%) or unemployed (17%) before entering. 

Course Report surveyed 432 people from 48 schools, where the average tuition is over $10,000. They only looked at US and Canadian bootcamps that are full-time and in-person, offering 40+ hours a week of instruction. And they focused specifically on programming, not product development, design, or marketing. 

Happily, after the program, 75% of graduates ended up with full-time employment using the skills they learned at the bootcamp. 

Read Course Report’s earlier study: These Are the Top Programming Languages Taught at Bootcamps.

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