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5Degrees: How To “Keep In Touch” In Just the Right Way


Do you have a pile of other people’s business cards that just sit around collecting dust? Maybe you’ve even forgotten who you wanted to reach out to. Sometimes meeting new people gets the best of us, and we either forget to reach out to the people we met or just don’t make time for it, despite our best intentions.  After all, we are human.

But what if instead of collecting dust, we were instead easily turning new connections into valuable contacts to grow our existing network? The solution: 5Degrees, which was one of our showcased startups during our SXSW #StartupLife Celebration on March 10.

5Degrees (founded by Jeb Ory, Kilton Hopkins and Kelly Schwedland in Chicago) is a mobile relationship manager that solves your networking nightmare. By combining contacts (through your phone contact list and social networks), communications, and events within a single, simple to use mobile application, 5Degrees helps busy professionals manage their relationships while on the go.

While 5Degrees does have competitors like VIPOrbit, Smartr – Xobni, and Fellow-Up, 5Degrees does not require a third-party product for cloud sync, it permits interaction and meta-data with contacts, and also has a mobile-to-web platform. 5Degrees, like Evernote, also lets you take notes about the people you meet.

Note: 5Degrees is currently in beta and is working on adding premium features (e.g. integrating with additional social networks and other email clients). While 5Degrees has raised seed funding, it will be looking for additional funding in the latter part of this summer.

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Jeff Tong is a social media strategist in Washington DC and has been a long-time contributor at Tech Cocktail. You'll find Jeff at tech events, foodie hangouts, and possibly snorkeling somewhere tropical. Contact Jeff online at @gundamwing4132 or [email protected]


One Response to “5Degrees: How To “Keep In Touch” In Just the Right Way”


    Mike Muhney

    Thanks for the mention Jeff of two things – first, VIPorbit, and second that VIPorbit is the creator of the category that the others have joined and/or have been placed in by the media community. I also wish to make one correction to something that you said. VIPorbit does not depend nor require the cloud at all. Its database is entirely resident on your device, both our iPhone version and our newly released iPad version. Both versions of VIPorbit do have an App within the App called Backup My Stuff (BMS). For the remarkably low price of only $4.99 per year (the price of one cup of Starbucks coffee) you can subscribe to replicate your database in the cloud thus providing valuable insurance against the loss of one of your most valuable assets – your entire business and social Mobile Relationship Management life. BMS keeps your last 10 backups. Mike Muhney, CEO & Co-Founder of VIPorbit (and Co-Founder & Co-Inventor of ACT! – the product that originally created the entire Contact Management category).

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