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Announcing the First Batch of Startups Pitching at Tech Cocktail Celebrate!


It’s here, it’s here! Or, at least, it’s coming up. This October, we’ll be holding our annual conference in Downtown Las Vegas – have you gotten your ticket yet to Tech Cocktail Celebrate?

The two-day conference will be held October 6-7, and will bring together hundreds of attendees – from various industry leaders and community builders, to startup founders and inspirational speakers. At Celebrate, you’ll get the chance to:

  • meet the hottest startups and investors from around the country, and get the opportunity to talk in small mentor groups;
  • learn and collaborate with others turning their communities into startup cities;
  • and enjoy music, parties, llama spotting, and all that goodness!

Yesterday, we announced the first batch of speakers that will be presenting at Tech Cocktail Celebrate. Today, we are highlighting the startups that will be showcasing at the conference and competing at chance to win cash and glory:


bizzieMe, LLC is bringing crayons into the 21st century. Wax crayons and activity sheets have been used for 100 years to entertain children at restaurants. But times have changed and family restaurants are struggling to stay relevant. As a whole, the restaurant industry has begun using technology to engage customers – from point of sale to ordering to digital menus, restaurants are using technology to enhance the dining experience. bizzieMe is focusing on family-oriented restaurants ($80 billion) and is creating branded games and activities for their youngest customers who are digital “natives” and expect to engaged digitally. Why engage kids? Because when kids are happy and engaged, moms – who are making decision about discretionary spending – are happy and willing to spend their money, share their experience with friends via social media, and travel miles to enjoy an evening out. (Stats from Julie Casey–the Restaurant Mom).


Charitweet makes giving go viral. We enable people to donate to charity with a tweet, harnessing the power of social media in a way nonprofits have been unable to do until now.


We aggregate and expedite the business or brands evolution to using their consumers content for marketing and promotional purposes. As the connected consumer becomes more and more the norm, traditional marketing becomes less and less effective because the connected consumer is savvy. User generated content is relied upon and trusted most by this consumer, however, most traditional marketing budgets don’t reflect this. We provide a front-to-back solution from consulting, to a mobile app, to behavioral analytics that make an easy transition for the business to maximize the Dynamic Customer Journey.

Flat Out of Heels

High heels are sexy but they hurt! The average woman can last 3 hours in heels and 1 in 5 women have reported a high heel related injury. Flat Out of Heels rollable flats are the most convenient way to relieve stiletto sore feet. We meet women when her feet hurt the most! When her heels expire a woman can take them off and toss them in the bag included with her Flat Out of Heels rollable flats. Flat Outs are durable enough to carry as an emergency flat or use for daily wear and compact enough to fit in a small clutch purse. Flat Outs are machine washable, come in a variety of fashionable colors and available in sizes ranging from 6-14. To make it most convenient to get relief when needed, Flat Outs are sold online on, and, in over 40 retail locations and now our emergency flats are sold in vending machines in the Atlanta airport and in club LIV in Miami. Women never have to suffer in the name of fashion again, Flat Out of Heels to the rescue.


Job seekers are currently unable to stand out in the hiring process. With tools like; video resumes, psychometric testing, background/credit check, resume validation, sponsored apps, etc…, seekers are able to differentiate themselves from the competition BEFORE hitting the apply button. Employers are bombarded by hundreds of flat file PDF resumes for every job listing. Applicants are mass applying to jobs, making it difficult for employers to find the ‘right’ applicants. JobHive provides employers with data driven resumes, and an Applicant Tracking System, along with applicants that are pre-vetted, and have taken the time to apply specifically for your listing. So when an employer receives 240 applications for their listing, they can sort, filter, and search the applicants to find exactly what they are looking for.


KlickOrder is a food and convenience app that helps users browse restaurants, view reviews, get directions and store hours, see restaurant menus, and order food and convenience items for pick up and delivery. Our app is picture-based making it the easiest and most intuitive food ordering app out there. Download our app at: and use promo code “tech” to receive your first meal for free ($10 value) in the DC area!

Kloset Karma

The average woman spends around 2K in fashion per year but never finds anything to wear, because the most women regularly use only 20% of her closet items, and the other 80% is donated or becomes garbage. The Kloset Karma app allows users to capitalize on the clothing that they don’t wear anymore to get brand new outfits from other users in the marketplace keeping the items’ value vs selling it for only 40% of the original value. Now, with the increase use of social media and self-exposure, fashion consumption numbers are growing even more, since young women need a much faster rotation of clothes than ever before, but their parents or them don’t have bigger budgets to afford it, and that’s how Kloset Karma can help!


Kovue solves the perennial problem of having so many channels on TV but not knowing what to watch and who to watch with. Since its creation, TV has been largely a one-on-one experience between the viewer and the TV. Viewing with friends meant they had to physically be in the same room to watch together. Kovue turns television into a real-time social viewing experience with friends unrestricted by physical barriers or location. Sometimes one doesn’t want to pick up the phone to call someone to talk or catch up. Kovue provides a personal yet informal way to catch up with friends and family via voice chat over a TV show or sports match.


Improving patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) scores is an ongoing challenge for today’s hospitals. Implementing tools to maintain consistency and provide effective ways of constantly improving these scores is necessary for a hospital to stand out among its peers and retain optimal reimbursement from Medicare. At Nobl, what we have done is engineer a software solution that enhances the entire process of hourly rounding, making it more efficient, effective, and insightful. As a result, we were able to improve nurse behaviors, revitalize family oversight, and establish visibility into every facet of the process. Hospital staff is more engaged, management has unprecedented access into workflow and compliance, family members receive revolutionary quality assurance, and each patient’s quality of care is elevated as a result.

Pelonkey, Inc.

Freelance entertainers are typically not business savvy. They tend to under value their services, and fail at protecting themselves properly, which can lead to non-payment, late-payments, and more. Entertainers represented by booking agencies conduct the business for them, however booking agencies are not accessible, and can take extremely large cuts from entertainer fees. Pelonkey replaces the booking agency to bring control back to the freelance entertainer by providing the necessary tools an entertainer needs to make doing business easy, affordable, and accessible.

Salmon Social Inc.

Salmon Social is an upcoming feature #documentary film following the creation of a social media app. The fun began March 2, 2014.


SoundBetter is a vertical services marketplace that helps 3M recording musicians worldwide find and hire post production professionals. Home recording is exploding due to the drop in the cost of equipment. But recording is only the first step of the process. Every song that gets recorded needs to be mixed and mastered by skilled professionals. SoundBetter centralizes the huge and previously fragmented music-production services industry.


We all have stacks of business cards on our desk or in our drawers and rarely use them. Half the reason why is we can’t remember who the people on the card are, or we have no organization of them. We’ve created a simple digital solution that uses full-screen photos of the people you meet. Now you can swipe through faces instead of names. What if you don’t have any business cards with you? Or a phone on you for that matter? A Spincard is 6 characters, short enough to memorize, making it easy to share wherever you are.

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