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Best of Angel: Ariel Poler on Finding Good Investors

Ariel Poler

As chief angel at Best of Angel, Ariel Poler has had twenty years’ experience as an Internet entrepreneur, mentor, and investor. He is the founder of IPRO, Topica, and TextMarks; investor in AdMob, SlideShare, NexTag, Optimizely, and Flixster; and a kitesurfing addict.

Best of Angel helps companies create and improve upon (virtual) pitches that they will use for upcoming investor meetings. The Silicon Valley experts involved with Best of Angel provide personalized feedback to startups to ensure success in their pitches. Best of Angel also identifies and promotes companies they believe should be receiving more attention, and provides those entrepreneurs with additional advice and support.

Angel investing has changed, and Poler knows that better than most people. Nowadays – thanks to resources like AngelList and CrunchBase – there’s greater transparency with regards to which investors have funded which startups. Because of this transparency, entrepreneurs now have more leverage and are able to seek out investors from whom they can receive more than mere money (in the form of advice and guidance).

Similarly, investors want to find entrepreneurs that they enjoy working with and can also learn from. As personal anecdotes, Poler notes that the likes of Brad Stroh (formerly of Freedom Financial) and Greg Waldorf (formerly of eHarmony) come to mind.

With entrepreneurism and investing comes uncertainty; Poler believes that you can mitigate this unpredictability by choosing the right people to work with. Below, Poler fills us in on the mutually beneficial model of investor-startup relationships. Here’s the video.

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