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Atmosferiq and “Tradigital” Media: A Platform for Managing Old and New Media Marketing


While many assert that traditional media is dead, the reality is that traditional media is still very much alive – especially in the world of marketing. From TV and radio to newspaper and direct mail, ads through such media are still very much prevalent in this age of new mediaAtmosferiq is hoping to help companies manage their traditional and new media marketing through their platform.

The startup focuses on helping businesses determine where it’s best to focus their marketing efforts. Atmosferiq offers a Web platform that allows users to compare and analyze their current marketing initiatives on both traditional and digital media.

“[Atmosferiq] is a Switzerland of marketing tools. We don’t want to replace one thing, but we want to pull them together and tell [our customers/users] what’s working [for their business],” says found Jonathan Driven.

Although it may seem like the entire world lives in a perpetually digital, social media-centric world, Atmosferiq asserts that we’re really participants on a “tradigital” plane – a world where people are influenced by both traditional and new, digital media. According to Driven, most platforms or tools out there – such as HootSuite – are currently only focused on analyzing and managing new media; this, to him, doesn’t reflect what’s actually happening in the real world: that companies still continue to market through traditional channels.

On Atmosferiq’s platform, businesses and marketers can determine how best to spend their marketing budget. It does this by providing information on how well their various campaigns are doing through new and old media channels, helping to eliminate waste and achieve their various business goals (primarily: customer engagement).

“Through [my previous job], I realized that businesses were overwhelmed with [these marketing needs]. They were asking ‘What should I be investing in? Should I put more money [into] digital?’ [Atmosferiq] was designed to help organize these offline and online channels.”

The company created its platform with local businesses in mind. Rather than being exclusively digital, local businesses continue to pursue marketing strategies that incorporate both, say, ad spending in local newspapers, as well as on Facebook. It makes sense, considering that local businesses exist on this physical plane and don’t really operate remotely via the Cloud (however unfortunate, there will never be a digital coffee shop that delivers freshly-brewed coffee to you through the Internet). While the platform isn’t yet available, Atmosferiq is currently allowing preorders through their site.

Atmosferiq was most recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s Pittsburgh Mixer & Startup Showcase

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