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Ash Nadkarni is in her final year of residency in Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and is the co-founder of Appguppy, a mobile startup that makes it fast and free to create and distribute mobile apps to any smartphone OS without coding. You can follow her on Twitter at @appguppy.


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Behind the Scenes of Women Innovate Mobile Week 5: Who’s the Passenger?


In every startup’s tale there’s a plot twist:  the critical point at which you figure out that while you may have hit on the right problem, it’s for the wrong customer.  For instance, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason is often quoted as having tried to bring crowdsourcing to nonprofits before he offered it to businesses. My journey through… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of Women Innovate Mobile Weeks 3-4: Turbulence


After the initial exhilaration of take-off, turbulence sets in and passengers can sometimes get a little queasy.  It turns out the journey through a startup accelerator is no different. On completing weeks 3-4 of Women Innovate Mobile (WIM), my mobile startup Appguppy has encountered its own form of turbulence: the first call for financials and… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of Women Innovate Mobile Weeks 1-2: Liftoff


I’m penning this blog from a coffee shop in the middle of the East Village. Our wireless isn’t set up yet, and our 750 sq. foot apartment is buried by suitcases. It’s the end of my second week in the Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) accelerator. All I can think about is how the tornado of… Read more »

The SnagFilms Experience Expanded


I love documentaries. I’m always the first to drag my friends to the local independent theater to see the latest documentary – if it’s available. But a lot of times it’s not. And what’s more, my ride to work on the subway could use some livening up. So I was excited to give SnagFilms a… Read more »

Connect Anything to the Web Without a “Nerd Degree” Using Twine


Love to tinker? Well the MIT grads at Supermechanical have a new toy for you. It’s called Twine, and it promises to connect anything to the web without a “nerd degree.” A 2.5″ square pizza-box shaped device, Twine reads from a bunch of sensors and then sends tweets or texts to alert you when those… Read more »

Daily Deal Site Doggyloot Will Have Your Dog Drooling


If you’re like me, your pup is the king of the household. He gets whatever he wants whenever he wants, and he’s always begging for more. I’m also a deals fanatic. I check the daily deals sites, as well as sites like Fatwallet, many times a day. So my pup Charlie and I were both… Read more »

What Do You Want?


Maybe I’m getting old, but when I first saw Want, I thought to myself: why would I “want” this?  But like many people, once I started using it, I became a fan. Want is an iPhone app that allows you to take photos of items you want and share them with friends.  Using the app… Read more »