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Become a Tech Cocktail City Ambassador!


Tech Cocktail is looking for new ambassadors to help more effectively cover startups and hold events in every city across the United States (and soon the whole world.)  If you’re interested,  e-mail our director of community, Justin Thorp –

Since when it was founded in 2006 in Chicago, Tech Cocktail’s mission has been to help uncover and then shine a light on amazing startups wherever they may be.  Seven years later,  we’re writing thousands of posts and doing over 50 events a year in over 30 cities, across the United States. We do this with just 12 people on staff.

Our ambassadors help us organize the events, find regional promotional partners, find & review area startups, and sometimes even host the events on our behalf.  Additionally, ambassadors can help us guide our editorial team on what startups we should focus on or even write articles themselves.

Being a Tech Cocktail City Ambassador is an incredible opportunity to help shine a light on all the incredible entrepreneurial activity that’s happening in your town. We’re especially looking for help in Los Angeles and NYC.

So, if you’d like to help the world know about how awesome your startup community is, email –

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About the Author

Justin is a recent Vegas transplant, where he leads community development for Tech Cocktail. Previously in Washington DC, he ran online marketing for HelloWallet and publisher happiness for Clearspring (now AddThis). He was also a very active DC Tech community organizer.

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