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6 Essential Writing Apps for Increased Motivation and Productivity

writing apps

Is there such thing as writer’s block? Some writers will deny the phenomenon and others will confirm it; the reality is that everyone has periods with increased productivity and days when they cannot write a single sentence.

Everyone could use occasional inspiration, and there are tools that can bring your motivation levels to maximum. The best place to draw endless sources of inspiration is obvious – the Internet. Some writers would argue that the Internet is the biggest distraction they could possibly encounter, but no one is telling you to look for pictures of cats. The following tools will increase your productivity as soon as you start using them:

1. Spice Mobile

This little app is called “the writer’s muse” for a reason – it will tell you how a great classicist would have put a word or phrase you are trying to use. Today’s simplified manner of expression has made us forget how beautiful the English language can be. Spice Mobile will remind you of that.

2. NinjaEssays

When all methods and tools fail you and you realize that there really is such a thing as writer’s block, it’s time to bring the big guns out. NinjaEssays is a writing help site that puts professional writers at your service. All you need to do is request for assistance and you will get a personalized approach by a professional writer.


This tool enables you to bring your online accounts together with a single aim to monitor the Internet. Instead of allowing it to distract you from the important work, you can use the Internet to your benefit with the help of this tool. IFTTT enables you to connect all accounts you could think of: BuzzFeed, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Glass, and any other tool you use.

4. Prismatic

Prismatic will organize all of your interests and make them social. You can track the posts according to location and see what other writers in your area write about. You can also find the meaning of different topics, get inspired by stories the users share, and be proud that you have an advantage over Android users, since Prismatic is only available on iOS.

5. Writer

Everyone was surprised to learn that George R. R. Martin was typing his great works on a DOS machine. You can see if that method of simplicity works for you by using Writer, a tool that’s almost as plain as Martin’s favorite word processor. This is your chance to work in a completely distraction-free environment that draws your attention to the text.

Your work will be saved automatically, so you won’t need to worry about losing anything.

6. Evernote

Evernote is clearly the most effective and innovative organizing tool you could possibly use. It keeps getting better and bigger, so all writers should start using it in order to improve their productivity and keep track of new ideas.

Everyone can become a better writer when the right tools are put in use!

Stop trying to achieve the style of your favorite writer and work on increasing your own creativity and productivity. There is a way to become a recognizable writer, but success doesn’t come without investing serious amounts of work.

Your usual word processor is not enough anymore. You should start using the entire potential of the Internet in order to start writing pieces that everyone would be willing to read. Pen and paper may be the ultimate weapons of a writer, but that doesn’t mean they are the most effective ones. You will never know what works for you before experimenting with different writing tools, so start trying out the ones we listed above and you will immediately notice results.

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