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9 Blog and Content Marketing Tools You Will Use Everyday


Creating content isn’t an easy job, and I’m glad, because then everyone would want to do it. I have been creating quality content for over a decade, and am glad to finally see the focus shifting from quantity to quality all over the Internet.

It’s nice that companies have finally become aware that they can’t just pepper the Internet with useless articles that have no value to the reader. No one ever said that creating content was easy, but it does get easier with practice. I totally understand why some companies struggle to get the interesting, fresh content they need. Below you will find eight blog and marketing content tools that will help you keep on task, and create the best content you can.


No matter what type of writer you are, you can’t afford to turn in work that isn’t 100% fresh and plagiarism free. Plagiarism is illegal, and it can ruin your reputation as a business. With Plagtracker, you can be sure that your content is original, and the best thing about this site is that it’s free. If you want to pay for a premium membership, then you can, so that you can check your grammar as well.

2. Editorial Calendar

Being organized is the key to success when it comes to content creation, and an editorial calendar can do that for you. Yours can inform you what you have to write on a daily basis, and even help you cover the topics that you want to concentrate on in the weeks and months ahead. If you want a basic editorial calendar to get you started you can find one at Optimize Book.

3. News Readers

Although Google Reader is no longer in service, but using something similar is essential. This tool will give you the ability to pick and choose the content that you wish to see, to help promote your business. Google may be the best, but at least there are lots of other options out there like Feedly.

4. Twitter Lists

Twitter isn’t just for keeping up with your friends and sending tweets about the party from last night. It is a helpful and an amazing tool for content writers and bloggers alike. It helps you to get the breaking news out there to a public that just might want to know what you are saying. Lists are the backbone of a good business, and Twitter lists can help you stay organized and on track.

5. Ubersuggest

Luckily, content creation doesn’t mean that you have to know everything about everything that you write. You do need to know how to find information and put it together, however. Ubersuggest is a tool that takes whatever word or phrase you put into it, and matches it with the hottest and most relevant topics on the web at that moment. It also lets you compile a list of terms that you can download. When you are planning an article, you need to know what people are interested in, and this tool is invaluable for helping you do that.

6. Audacity

Audacity is a tool that is helpful for recording interviews and editing audio. The editing function is amazing with this tool, as you can cut what you really don’t need easily. This is one that you can’t do without, if you want to create quality content.

7. Google Screen Capture

Of course, there are many products out there that offer the ability to capture your screen, but Google is one of the simplest to use. If you are a Chrome junkie, and I am, then it’s simple to use because you are there anyway. It’s great because you can capture certain selections or whole pages, and of course, it’s free as well.

8. EssayMinions

Should you need the help of a qualified author to make your content even better, check out this site. Its primary goal is not content writing, but wonderful writers working there will provide you editing services and expand your knowledge.

9. Evernote

If you are the type who keeps every voice recording, text, or picture, then Evernote is the tool for you. It will let capture everything, and never lose anything. You save them through Evernote to a cloud account, which you can access from any computer or mobile device.

These are just a few of the invaluable tools that I use almost every day in my quest to deliver perfect content to my clients. From Audacity to Evernote, there is something out there to make writing easier for you; all you have to do is go looking for it. What blogging tools are your favorites and why?

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