Bootstrapping Logo Design: How to Get a Great Logo for Less

December 20, 2013

11:00 am

A good logo is essential for any startup. However, most fledgling companies don’t have in-house designers. Rather than paying a lot of money to hire a freelance designer, try crowdsourcing your next logo. There are a variety of sites available, where people can be commissioned to create personalized designs. Regardless of your budget or project size, there’s a suitable site for you – check out my list of suggestions:


Fiverr is a popular service marketplace, founded in 2009. Contributors offer to perform a variety of services for just $5 – anything from giving a language tutorial on Skype, to making personalized jewelry. The site is popular with graphic designers, and is therefore a good place to get a cheap logo design – with over 1.3 million services on the site, there are plenty of options to choose from.

However, bear in mind that you get what you pay for – Fiverr doesn’t perform quality control. Check a seller’s rating and cancellation rate before handing over your cash.


Unlike Fiverr, 99designs is dedicated entirely to design. There are four ‘packages’ to choose from, and work is sourced from a community of over 260,000 designers. Your brief is turned into a contest, which is then pitched to the site’s community. Members submit their designs for consideration, you choose your favorite logo, and the respective designer receives the payment.

How much you pay influences how many designs you receive. The Bronze package results in around 30 entries, whereas the Platinum offer includes around 60, sourced from the highest quality designers on the site.


crowdSPRING was founded in 2007, and works in much the same way as 99designs. The brief is turned into a competition, and the ‘winning’ designer receives payment. The site supports a whole host of projects, from clothing design to copywriting.

Logo fees start at $269, which is, admittedly, a little pricier than the Bronze package on 99designs. However, on average, 110 designers submit work for each campaign – so you’ll have plenty of choices. The site’s founders place a lot of importance on legal rights for all parties involved, making crowdSPRING an ethical choice.


If the idea of paying a large amount of money before you’ve seen the final design alarms you, then Hatchwise is for you. This site follows the crowdSPRING model, with one key difference. The initial buyer investment is very small – it only costs $29 to run a logo designing competition.

You won’t be required to pay anything else until you’ve chosen a design you like – at which point, you pay the respective designer a fee for the logo (the minimum price is $100). If none of the entries impress you, you’re not required to hand over any money – perfect for the cautious investor.


Logomyway follows the same competition format as many other logo design sites, with a similar price range – the minimum price for a campaign is $200.

However, Logomyway also has a marketplace feature, where designers post ready-made logos. For a one-off, standalone fee, they will add the name of your business, and give you the rights to the design.

When choosing a logo design site, remember that you get what you pay for. Sites like Fiverr are a great low-cost solution, but bear in mind that you’ll still have to pay, even if you don’t like the design. That said, some designers will make revisions – but this service will come with a price. Check that your logo will be made using vector software, rather than raster – you won’t be able to resize a raster image.

Guest author Alexa Garthwaite is the Head of Marketing at Executive Offices Group, which provides serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting room hires in prestigious locations across London. She has a deep interest in marketing, SMEs, business, property and travel.

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