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Tech Cocktail Las Vegas

Bre Pettis is Providing a New Perspective for “Makers” Everywhere


Bre Pettis is synonymous with 3D printing these days, thanks to his role as CEO of MakerBot, and we were thrilled to have him at Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate this year. But we learned that Pettis wasn’t always concocting 3D printing models in Brooklyn. In fact, he began his career as a teacher in Seattle.

For seven years, Pettis taught middle school where he had the bright idea to make instructional videos for his students. They were a hit, so he put them on, people watched them like crazy, and he soon after got a gig at Make Magazine.

From there he went on to Etsy, but during his six-month time period there, he grew bored and left; all roads were leading Pettis to his destiny at MakerBot. The beginning was tough for the 3D printing company, but Pettis stood strong with challenges he set for himself, a core group of rules around those challenges, and not letting go of his idea.

The Replicator is MakerBot’s primary product alongside the Digitizer. With this one-two punch, anybody can create new model schematics and then print them or share them with the Thingiverse community at large.

MakerBot was recently acquired by Stratasys Ltd, and that has opened the floodgates for the capabilities of MakerBot to shine. The Replicator 2 model was recently released, and Pettis has been able to see his small idea grow into a vast array of ideas that spawned a new perspective for people to look at their world.

Here is the video:

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