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BrightTag Rebrands as Signal, Launches New Open Data Platform


It was announced on Tuesday that Chicago-based BrightTag has changed its name to Signal. This news arrives just a few weeks after the company’s acquisition of the digital marketing software company bearing the same name.

BrightTag is a cross-channel marketing technologies company, and has launched a new Open Data Platform as part of the rebranding to Signal. According to the company, it’s the first of its kind in the industry, offering capabilities that will allow brands to simultaneously collect, connect, and act on customer engagement data across multiple channels and devices in real-time.

“Signal works with leading brands around the world that tell us they’ve typically invested in about 17 different marketing technologies to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,” said Signal’s President and CEO, Mike Sands, in a statement. “These technologies are critical solutions for email, CRM, media, mobile, search marketing and more. But the process of integrating them is so daunting for marketers that few technologies actually are able to talk with one another.”

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a lot of noise out there. When you take into account the multitude of devices that consumers use around the world, the frequency with which they use them, and the forms through which they digest information (Web, mobile, email, in-store, and social), it’s simply too complicated to keep track of everything. The rename to Signal reflects the company’s aim helping marketers breath through all the noise, and strengthen the signals between brands and customers.

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    Definitely good information here, Lindsay. Some web anlcytias platform vendors (Adobe/IBM) are starting to offer TMS options with their platforms. Although these aren’t as robust as most of the vendors you have listed, they are helpful in getting a toe into the world of TMS. They generally focus on making tag updates easier rather than improving page load times, privacy concerns, etc that the bigger boys have.

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