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British Airways Is Testing a “Happiness Blanket” 

british airways

British Airways is replacing those cheap plane blankets with smart wearable gadgets.

The “happiness blanket,” which has been tested on flights from London to New York, will turn red if you’re tense and blue if you’re relaxed. The blanket’s neurosensors and fiber optic technology receive data from a headpiece you wear, which measures your brainwaves. 

Unsurprisingly, initial tests found that people were more relaxed when eating, drinking, and sleeping. 

The point of all this is to give British Airways better information about their performance. For example, they might introduce a new blueberry scone or a dry British comedy film and see if average mood across a flight goes up. And given that Brits aren’t known for expressing their emotions forcefully, this might be the only way to find out the truth.

So is this a smart innovation or creepy in-flight surveillance?

Watch the video here: 

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