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Why Is Candy Crush So Addictive?

candy crush

Candy Crush Saga has created madness among users. It is still one of the most popular mobile games and it’s believed to earn over $600,000 per day for its makers, King. This game’s level of popularity has beaten almost all records.

Users have actually crossed the limits of addiction. Candy Crush makes you feel relieved and carefree; there is nothing to think about and – above all – it’s free and can be played anytime.


Users have gone so far as to steal in order to play. There’s one story of a boy robbing his elderly mother in order to pay for this game. Another man was known to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The funniest part about this game is that it never ends. Up until now, level 130 is considered to be the toughest one and generates over 2,000 searches every day on Google. What exactly are gamers looking for on Google? Any trick or cheat to solve this level. Surely this is what addiction is all about!


There is no solution for addiction, and this addiction is limitless. In real terms, Candy Crush is controlling the minds of players. No wonder it’s becoming so popular and earning so much money! Even if you try to give it up, you’ve awakened your inner child that will never go back to sleep.

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