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Gamify and Crowd Source Your Coding Experience


CheckiO, billed as ‘The Game for Coders’, recently announced the launch of its new publish and share feature. With this new update, CheckiO players can write, design, and publish custom coding missions for immediate sharing across the global coder community.

The CheckiO team wants people, scientists, and innovators to add challenges they personally struggle with to the platform so that the global community can crowd source the absolute best algorithms or solutions. It rings similar to the popular protein synthesis game Fold It.

Being a game, CheckiO is built upon the foundation of missions – aka coding content. The beauty of this new update is that anybody can add missions for specific projects they’re working on.

“Maybe you code for Amazon’s department of logistics,” says Liza Avramenko, CEO of CheckiO. “There are a ton of factors you have to take into consideration, like how to optimize your route.”

The gamification of practical code learning here is what helps make the platform successful. To be an expert coder, it takes time and practice much like writing would – or any field for that matter.

“People who graduate from Code Academy aren’t coders – they’ve just read about code,” says Avramenko, herself a Code Academy graduate. “We take people who have had the theory course, or people with no practical experience, and we give them real life projects so they can get a taste of real life coding.”

The long term benefit to CheckiO’s new release is palpable as well. Coders who want to get a taste of different markets without leaving their current jobs can branch out and try something new with little to no risk at all.

“Whether you’re working on the next human genome or the most optimized algorithm to improve global logistics, we want users to add their challenges to CheckiO,” says Liza Avramenko. “Let’s crack the code together.”


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