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MasterCard Wants to Make Commuting a Breeze


More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and a lot of those cities don’t have the best public transportation options – have you ever been to LA? This issue has led a lot of transportation authorities to search for new ways to better manage the existing demand and create new investments in… Read more »

Aspiring Israeli Tech Startups to Meet with American Investors

Israeli startups

On March 24, ending on March 25, The Israel Dealmakers Summit will take place in New York City. The two-day, invitation only conference was designed for senior global thought leaders to discuss the tech, trends, and innovation shaping key sectors like Smart Cities, Internet of Things, and Mobile and Wireless. “Israel has more active startups per… Read more »

BoomBoom Prints: A Marketplace of Art for Young Families

BoomBoom Prints

Not too long ago Ryan Broshar was looking, without success mind you, for nursery wall art to match a quilt made by his newborn’s grandmother. When he and his wife couldn’t find anything that fit their taste, Broshar decided that it was a problem only an entrepreneur could solve. So, he teamed up with Brett… Read more »

RoboCORE: A Heart to Power Any Robot you Imagine


It’s an important question to ask: are robots and robotics not a cornerstone of the mainstream because there’s an inherent trust issue between humans and robots? Or is it something entirely different? Husarion, a Poland based startup is seeking funding via Kickstarter for RoboCORE, a device that acts as the ‘heart’ of a DIY robot. They’re… Read more »

MakeSpace Expands On-Demand Self-Storage to Chicago, D.C.

MakeSpace Expands On-Demand Self-Storage to Chicago, D.C.

MakeSpace, the New York, NY-based startup offering a self-storage solution, just announced its expansion of its on-demand, local self-storage services to Chicago, IL and Washington, D.C. While the company offers its storage services to people throughout the contiguous United States, prior to today, its local delivery service was only available in NYC. With this announcement, local… Read more »

CannaBuild Offers Broad-Spectrum Access to Cannabis Data


“I come from an enterprise background. I lived in a corporate world for about six years, and to go from that world with all of your professionalism into the cannabis world is tough,” says Zach Marburger, CEO and founder of CannaBuild. But tough isn’t impossible, and Marburger is a dedicated entrepreneur who knows what he’s… Read more »

First Successful Pipeline Fellowship Exit Hits an Untapped Market

pipeline fellowship

This is a story of women helping women in an area that has been historically dominated by men. Dahna Goldstein is a crazy hardworking, DC-based entrepreneur in the not-so-sexy, but absolutely necessary world of grants management.  Her startup, Philantech, holds the most recent honor of being the first successful exit for a startup funded by the… Read more »

The Netflix for LEGO, Pley is Shipping Fun Direct to Kids


If you go back far enough in the history of LEGO you’ll see that the models of old are in stark contrast to what they are today. There weren’t instructions, detailed LEGO bricks, and you were supposed to build purely off of imagination. What I’m getting at here is that as they’ve grown in popularity… Read more »

4 Female Founders in Texas Agree: “Screw The Valley”

Austin startups

Four Female Biotech Founders Share Their Austin Startup Stories “Screw the Valley” is, of course, a reference to Tim Sprinkle’s new book that pans Silicon Valley as the epicenter of all things entrepreneurial. The author chronicles a coast-to-coast tour of promising US cities that offer talent, funding, and innovation for tech startups without the California… Read more »

Evoz: A Baby Monitor for Today’s Connected Parents


We can all imagine what a connected home looks like, but some of us might have a harder time imagining what the innovative hardware embedded in such a home might be capable of. Except for Avishai Shoham, who built the Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor. Sure, it’s a bit niche, but at the same time Evoz… Read more »

The Arch Angel Network: 10 Years, 59 Investments

Arch Angels

Last year alone The Arch Angel Network invested nearly $10 million in local, St. Louis based startups, bringing the total number of investments the organization they’ve made in the last decade to over $50 million. They celebrated their tenth year of operations in 2014, investing in 59 total companies since early 2005. “It’s amazing to see… Read more »

Haute Rogue: A One-Woman Show that Went Global

Haute Rogue

Anna Miatselitsa was born and lived in Belarus until the age of 18, but she always dreamt of making a positive impact on the world. She was brought up in a culture where everybody lives the same kind of life: you go to school, then college, then you get married and have kids. In her… Read more »

BAND Hits 40 Million Users, Expands to US

BAND communication

I wrote about Camp Mobile’s BAND recently, a platform that’s looking to redefine social networking and messaging apps for maximum control and private communications. The team was proud to announce that they recently hit 40 million users worldwide. The invite-only platform lets users organize and interact with the people in their lives in smaller circles,… Read more »

SOLS gets $11.1 Million for Custom, 3D Printed Orthotics

SOLS prosthetics

We’ve long heard that the advent of the 3D printer will help people solve everyday problems right in their living rooms, but there haven’t been too many companies that open these doors for us. SOLS, however, is a pioneer in the 3D printing and custom, mass manufacturing market, and today they announced the successful close… Read more »