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Tech Cocktail Austin

A Prediction on the Future of the Connected Car


The connected car trend has been dominating the tech spheres lately, and this year’s SXSW was no exception. And while it had its anticipated place among most of the SXSW fanfare, Dr. Chandra Bhat, Director of Transportation Research at UT Austin, brought the connected car to light in a very different way. During his sessions… Read more »

Katiri Zuluaga and Springboard Enterprises Are Supporting Female-Led Startups


The video below is part of an interview series we did at SXSW 2014. Our SXSW Startup Celebration was sponsored by .CO, CEA, Revolution and LivingSocial. We thank them for their support! It has been over 50 years since the President’s Commission on the Status of Women was established under President Kennedy’s New Frontier and led to the official end of discriminatory policies affecting… Read more »

Sitting Down With Dwolla’s COO, Charise Flynn


Before Charise Flynn signed on as the COO of Dwolla, she developed the ability to execute and operate at an extremely fast pace during her time as an outside consultant. It comes in quite handy as she works alongside Ben Milne to conquer the never-ending slew of fun and interesting problems that come at them…. Read more »

Learning From Jean Case: How to be Fearless


Jean Case co-created the Case Foundation, where she currently sits as CEO, in 1997 with the desire to make the biggest impact on entrepreneurs that she could. To do so, she centered the driving philosophies of the Case Foundation on the same entrepreneurial approaches she cultivated throughout her own career. To that end, the Case… Read more »

My 8 Favorite Startups at the SXSW Tradeshow


Amidst all of the breathtaking SXSW chaos happening at bars, hotels, and in the streets, the Austin Convention Center provided their own form of chaos, albeit in an ordered fashion, at the 2014 SXSW Tradeshow. For a first-year attendee like myself, having the organized chaos with aisles and booth numbers helped a lot. And I… Read more »

Travel Macho and Puhsh Win SXSW’s Hottest Showcasing Startups

SXSW - winners

At Tech Cocktail’s SXSW Startup Celebration sponsored by .CO and CEA, Travel Macho and Puhsh took home the title for hottest showcasing startups. Our judges in the audience crowned Travel Macho, which offers users a platform for booking door-to-door travel to save them time, money, and heartache. With the most votes in the hottest showcasing startup poll, Puhsh won reader’s… Read more »

9 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Reaction’s Exo Housing System is the Future of Disaster Relief Shelters


According to a housing survey published by the U.S. Census in 2011, more than 400,000 residents of New Orleans, La. were displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina. And, while estimates vary, this number increases to 1,000,000 when you include residents from Gulfport, Miss.; Mobile, Ala.; and others. Setting aside the problem of long-term housing security (which… Read more »

Samsung Launches MilkMusic Service and Brings Jay-Z and Kanye West to SXSW


Samsung has launched MilkMusic, an ad-free radio service, at SXSW. The music is curated by top DJs and industry professionals, and through an interactive dial, the service allows songs to be switched quickly and seamlessly. Users can customize the dial by adding preferred stations or by creating their own. MilkMusic is exclusive to Galaxy owners, and syncs with… Read more »