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Tech Cocktail Austin

Austin’s ManagerComplete: Be Stubborn


In Jason Duncan’s favorite entrepreneurship book, Think and Grow Rich, the author tells the story of a gold mine owner who drills for years and finds no gold. Discouraged, he sells the mine to someone else – who then proceeds to find gold, just a few feet away from where the first guy drilled. The… Read more »

Tabbedout Wins Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup


Last night, Tabbedout took home the prize of hottest showcasing startup at our Tech Cocktail Austin mixer. Perhaps it’s because the problem they’re trying to solve – the hassle of paying bar tabs – is so common. Imagine this: it’s 2 am, and it’s time to pay your bar tab. Maybe you’re a little tipsy, and… Read more »

Crowdfund Your College Tuition with Campus Slice


One of the most powerful and inspiring innovations of the modern Internet age, crowdfunding creates opportunities for individuals to raise monetary support to achieve their goals. Campus Slice utilizes the crowdfunding model to help current and prospective college students raise tuition money. For Tony Aguilar, ex-poker-pro-turned-entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Campus Slice, the alarming… Read more »

The Top 10 Tech Cocktail Stories of the Week


We get it, you’re busy.  You weren’t able to get to every Tech Cocktail post this week.  Fear not, because we’ve curated the week’s top 10(ish) posts as determined by the Tech Cocktail editorial team. To get the Tech Cocktail weekly wrap-up direct to your inbox, sign up for the Tech Cocktail newsletter today. This Week’s… Read more »

Who is Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Poll]

austin hottest showcasing startup

Tech Cocktail loves Austin.  This is scientific fact.  SXSW serves as a festival highlight year in and year out.  But it’s been a few years since we’ve had the privilege of hosting a non-SX-inspired Austin Mixer, and quite frankly, it’s been long enough. On April 24th, Tech Cocktail is bringing the Mixer parade back to Texas’s capital… Read more »

Get Home Visits from Doctors with Medicast [VIDEO]

Sam Zebarjadi video

While telemedicine – consulting with doctors over the phone – is gaining some popularity lately, another innovation is taking us back to the roots of medical care. Atlanta startup Medicast wants to bring doctors back into your home. Instead of sending a relative to fetch the doctor, as they did in centuries past, you can… Read more »

Freddie Laker of Guide Looks into the Future [VIDEO]

Freddie Laker video

Guide founder and CEO Freddie Laker calls himself a “futurist,” and it’s evident after a few minutes of talking to him. When I last interviewed Laker about Guide, he could have focused on the platform’s current abilities: turning written news articles into video broadcasts. Instead, he spent a good deal of time musing about his… Read more »

Andy Ellwood of Waze: Know Why You Hustle [VIDEO]

Andy Ellwood video

As senior director of business development at Waze, Andy Ellwood is helping over 40 million drivers avoid traffic. Users share information in real-time on jams and accidents, and that information now powers dozens of local TV station traffic reports. When he’s not hustling at Waze, Ellwood is writing a blog about hustle. He’s learned a… Read more »

Phone2Action: Grassroots Advocacy from the Palm of Your Hand


Step 1: Write email to elected official. Step 2: Spend 15 minutes online determining to whom it should be sent. Step 3: Eat cheesecake to resolve any resulting frustration and confusion. Advocacy is an essential component of our political system. It is through advocacy that our elected officials learn of our concerns; without it, public… Read more »

Zach Ware of the Downtown Project: Las Vegas Is Changing

Zach Ware video

The first time we interviewed Zach Ware, who works with the $350 million revitalization project in Las Vegas known as the Downtown Project, he said the word “community” so many times that we added a community counter to the video. (After 3.5 minutes, the total was 13 times.) But “community” isn’t just a buzzword for… Read more »

Nataly Kogan on How to Be Happier [VIDEO]

Nataly Kogan video

Nataly Kogan’s happiness realization took place in Vienna at the age of 13. She and her family were in “horrid refugee housing,” but her father insisted that they enjoy little things like a day at the zoo. That’s the anecdotal inspiration for Happier, an app that lets you record and share little happy moments. The… Read more »