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Tech Cocktail Austin

The Austin A-List Announced Today, Features 19 Diverse Startups


The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, along with South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW), today announced the Austin A-List, which features 19 promising Austin tech startups. Compiled with insight from venture capital, private equity, and angel investors, the members on the list are representative of key sectors of innovation in Austin. The idea behind the Austin… Read more »

Demo Day: Austin’s Incubation Station Showcases 6 Startups


Incubation Station marks their second annual Showcase Day event today in Austin, Texas. Six consumer packaged goods (CPG) startups, after a 12-week mentorship program, are getting the opportunity to present their final pitches to Austin’s entrepreneur and investor communities. These startups spent their 12 weeks at Incubation Station focusing on funding, team building, mentorship, and… Read more »

Have You Thanked Your Employees Lately?


Sometimes, we forget to say thank you. A friend of mine, who founded a dance school, had a revelation when he discovered that he needed to start showing more appreciation to his employees. “I’m introverted and self-motivated, so I never needed encouragement like that,” he said. “And then I realized: other people did.” There are… Read more »

MakerSquare Produces Industry-Ready Coders in 10 Weeks


MakerSquare is the kind of idea that inspires ideas. In its simplest form, it is a 10-week, intensive, full-time, full-stack web development program. But if you talk to cofounder Ravi Parikh about the company, the discussion quickly moves from the simple logistics to wider (borderline philosophical) issues about technology, empowerment, community, and innovation. Even Parikh’s… Read more »

Reach New, Local Customers with Real-Time Offers on UMeTime


With the emergence of services like Google Offers and Groupon, businesses big, small, and in between are utilizing digital coupons and offers to increase their sales. Tim Rothwell and Brett Berman, cofounders of UMeTime, observed an overlooked gap in this industry trend. How can business owners use couponing services to acquire new customers and increase business… Read more »

Say Howdy to TechStars Austin

TechStars Austin

Today, top startup accelerator TechStars announced the launch of its newest program in Texas: TechStars Austin. Starting in August, a dozen startups will work out of Capital Factory for three months fueled by the traditional TechStars perks, including $18,000 in seed funding and a $100,000 convertible note. It’s not a surprise that TechStars chose Austin… Read more »

In Austin, Goodybag Turns Restaurant Menus Visual


You are out to eat. Since you don’t get to go out very often, it’s somewhat of a special occasion. You are feeling adventurous, even. You do not just want to order your “usual” or something you could whip up at home if you were so inclined. But after looking over the menu, the entree descriptions fail… Read more »

AuManil Reveals Hidden Insights in Game Players’ Activity


Bart Bohn founded AuManil to assist the $40 billion online games market by collecting social gaming data to reduce whale churn, increase whale conversion, improve whale acquisition, and managing whales across a portfolio of games. In the gaming world, “whales” are big money spenders and fanatical users. However, the specific social gaming data regarding these… Read more »

Jellifi and the Quest for Startup Immortality

event planners

There is a species of tiny jellyfish that can revert its cells from the adult stage to the young polyp stage, effectively starting its life over and giving it the possibility of immortality. Jellifi COO Kinsey Vallier sees an inspiration here. “With our combined hard work we can ensure that our product has the same staying power,”… Read more »

Rock Out to Music Videos Anywhere, Anytime With Rockify


The trend in digital video viewing is shifting to specialized services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, and some of the most popular types of web media are music videos. Joel Korpi founded Rockify, a platform to experience music videos anytime and anywhere, to fuse the two worlds of music videos and popular web media together. While… Read more »

Austin’s ManagerComplete: Be Stubborn


In Jason Duncan’s favorite entrepreneurship book, Think and Grow Rich, the author tells the story of a gold mine owner who drills for years and finds no gold. Discouraged, he sells the mine to someone else – who then proceeds to find gold, just a few feet away from where the first guy drilled. The… Read more »

Tabbedout Wins Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startup


Last night, Tabbedout took home the prize of hottest showcasing startup at our Tech Cocktail Austin mixer. Perhaps it’s because the problem they’re trying to solve – the hassle of paying bar tabs – is so common. Imagine this: it’s 2 am, and it’s time to pay your bar tab. Maybe you’re a little tipsy, and… Read more »