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SF, Beijing Have Highest Concentration of Billion-Dollar Startups

San Francisco, Beijing Have Highest Concentration of Billion-Dollar Startups

While it’s undeniable that a good bulk of billion-dollar startups come out of Silicon Valley, it seems that the majority of these billion-dollar valuations actually come from cities elsewhere. According to recent data presented on data visualization platform, of the 156 Internet and software startups that have met this billion-dollar bar, 63 percent come… Read more »

WalkTheChat Gives a Walk-Through of WeChat Ads


When designing this second article on the Wechat opportunity in China, I sat down with Thomas Graziani, founder of WalktheChat, a Wechat-focused agency in Beijing and Shanghai. We discussed about the monetization of Wechat adds.  A few months ago, WeChat rolled out their ad plan for public accounts. You can display ads on your public… Read more »

Beijing Startups Take On the Challenge Cup and Win


Starting a new company is hard enough, but when you’re innovating in the most challenging and highly-regulated industries, you have to contend with trying to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, too.  Four Beijing-based startups proved they were up to the task at The Challenge Cup’s Beijing event on Tuesday night. Imagine trying to… Read more »

HEX3: Augmented reality first person shooter and pinpoint accurate digital drawing


You’re no stranger to digital peripherals. You’ve likely used a mouse, keyboard, touchpad, or touchscreen plenty of times. You’ve also likely played at least one mobile game or tried to draw something digitally. But did you ever feel limited in your interactions? Maybe mobile gaming or digital drawing just didn’t really emulate the accuracy in real life, but what if it… Read more »

Weekend Inspiration: A Love Affair with Information

Weekend Inspiration

For 25-year-old Lei Min, the spread of the Internet in China was more than just a new form of entertainment. It was a window into an infinite world of information. Three years ago, Min was an undergrad at Tsinghua University in Beijing, aspiring to be a consultant or a marketer. She watched as the Internet… Read more »

5 Questions for CEO David Liu of Jiepang, China’s Foursquare


Founded in 2010, Jiepang’s location-based check-in service has attracted more than 1.4 million users. Those users can earn badges and mayorships, share their check-ins on Chinese social networks, and interact with 300+ partner brands. “We learn a lot from Foursquare, Gowalla, and a lot of location-based apps in the US,” Jiepang CEO David Liu told… Read more »

Can iPads Compete with Schoolteachers?


We’ve all seen videos of young kids adeptly navigating the iPad’s touchscreen, but could the Apple device bring more than play? Jesper Lodahl certainly thinks so, as he sees his 4-year-old daughter Laura – with the help of a few iPad apps – do basic reading, tell time, and even teach him Spanish words. Lodahl’s… Read more »