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Tech Cocktail Philadelphia

TicketLeap is Redesigned and Mobile-Optimized


TicketLeap has made it their mission to offer a dedicated platform that people can use to create high quality event pages. To take their vision further, the Philadelphia based company this week announced the totally redesigned Events Pages. The redesign efforts come on the heels of data that indicates over 50 percent of TicketLeap page views will… Read more »

ABSOLUT Vodka Says: Take a Real Lunch Break


Inspired by Sweden’s daytime dance parties, ABSOLUT Vodka is bringing dance parties to the United States to help people loosen up on their Friday lunch break. ABSOLUT Lunch Break* is inviting people in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston to attend their dance parties this summer, which continue into September. Attendees get to… Read more »

Demo Day: DreamIt Ventures Unveils 15 New Startups in Philadelphia


Today, the DreamIt Ventures accelerator is showcasing 15 startups at demo day in Philadelphia. DreamIt Ventures, ranked the #11 top startup accelerator in the US, provides startups with office space, mentorship, and up to $25,000 in funding. This is its fifth class in Philadelphia. “These are not pie-in-the-sky ideas or wireframes masquerading as businesses. These are real… Read more »

Startup PHL: $3.5 Million to Attract and Retain Tech Entrepreneurs in Philly


Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia just got a financial boost – to the tune of $3.5 million – from a two-tiered investment and grant-making initiative called Startup PHL. With the goal of bringing more tech startups to the city, Mayor Michael Nutter announced Friday the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and the City of Philadelphia have partnered… Read more »

DreamIt Ventures Philadelphia Announces 14 Startups In Fall Class

DreamIt Ventures

The startup accelerator DreamIt Ventures, which is now located in New York, Philadelphia, Tel Aviv, and Austin, has announced its fall class in Philadelphia. DreamIt Ventures was recently ranked the #11 best US accelerator in the rankings we published last month. The class of 14 startups comes from New York (3), Philadelphia (3), Chicago (2), Washington, DC… Read more »

Where’s the Humanity in Social Media Content? Take a Peek at Peekseed


Q: Where’s the humanity in social media content? A: Peekseed In the ongoing stream of tweets, likes, shares, emoticons, commenting, and other social sharing methods, we’re still somewhat limited in our personal expressions online. Currently, our social web lives are shackled to sharing services that fail to capture true and genuine interests due to their… Read more »

14 New Startups Announced at DreamIt Ventures Demo Days

DreamIt Ventures Demo Days

Today 14 new startups are being announced as part of DreamIt Ventures Demo Days Philadelphia.  This invitation-only event showcases the year’s graduating ventures first with a presentation from each individual start-up, followed by an open gallery where attendees can interact with the companies directly.  For DreamIt Ventures, one of the top 15 ranked accelerators in the U.S.,… Read more »

ElectNext Helps You Discover Your Ideal Candidates


Do you know where the presidential candidate you are supporting stands on immigration, healthcare, environmental policy, or other issues that are important to you?  Many people vote alongside a political party without really knowing where candidates stand on specific issues.  The problem is exacerbated at the state and local level where, according to ElectNext, “candidates are… Read more »

Chimp Flix: A Win-Win for Movie Theaters and Moviegoers

Philadelphia-based startup Chimp Flix is doing a service to movie theater owners and moviegoers alike, helping movie theaters fill their empty seats and offering discounted tickets to consumers. On average, movie theaters only fill 25-30% of their seats per week. Come showtime, every empty seat represents lost potential revenue – until now. Chimp Flix allows… Read more »

Mobile Payment Startups Are Hot: Venmo Sets Itself Apart


Way back in December 2010, we predicted that 2011 would be the year of mobile payment.  Boy, were we right!  We have already covered 6 different apps/platforms, and I am about to cover a 7th, Venmo, below, an app that has actually been around a while. Tech Cocktail’s co-founder Frank Gruber explained to me that… Read more »

Hate Employee Scheduling? ReadySetWork is Here to Help


Do you love your business, but find yourself spending much too much time with back-end tasks such as scheduling instead of doing what you love? You aren’t alone. Business owners consistently search for ways to operate more efficiently, because quite frankly, back-end operations often aren’t the sexiest of responsibilities. Enter ReadySetWork, a Philadelphia-based startup that… Read more »

Hoot.Me: The Facebook Study Buddy

For most students, Facebook is the perfect partner-in-crime if you want to procrastinate during finals week. But new Facebook application Hoot.Me is turning the social network into a collaborative study tool. Hoot.Me allows users to switch their Facebook experience into “study mode,” meaning that students can see what their friends are working on and join… Read more »

Solution Zero – Don’t Overthink Your Startup

Startup cartoon

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” – Peter Drucker I get asked from time to time what I believe makes someone an entrepreneur, and invariably I respond by saying that an entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem and says, “I can fix that.” Peoples’ definitions will vary, and… Read more »