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Tapstream Grew 14 Times Larger in Their Founding Year

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Tapstream saw a record year in 2014, boasting a long list of accomplishments. Similarly, product sales coming out of the Vancouver, British Columbia startup show steady growth that puts January 2015 in the books as their best month to date. Overall, Tapstream grew 14 times larger in 2014 and they now handle over 10,000 requests… Read more »

Wantering Acquires StyledOn, Creates Network of Style Bloggers


On Thursday Wantering, a platform for discovering and purchasing clothing from ecommerce stores, launched an invite only network. Wantering Insider Network, or WIN, is a community of style bloggers, and the launch comes alongside Wantering’s acquisition of StyledOn – an established social shopping community and blogger network. The purpose of WIN is to answer some… Read more »

World’s First Bitcoin ATM Goes Live

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On October 30, Robocoin announced that their first ever Bitcoin ATM went live in Vancouver and hosted 81 transactions during its debut. Beyond Robocoin, this was the world’s first Bitcoin ATM to ever go live. The Waves Coffee House allowed customers to exchange cash for digital currency, or vice versa, for the first time ever…. Read more »

Tapstream Launches App Banners to Remedy Dropping CPM Rates


As more web users go mobile, publishers are suffering declining CPMs. Even though mobile is becoming a larger piece of the web traffic pie, advertisers just don’t seem to be interested in paying full freight for an impression on a mobile browser. “Web publishers today are having a hard time monetizing their ever-growing mobile visitors,… Read more »

Kibooco: How to Think Like a 5-Year-Old


If you were designing an “undo” button for a 5-year-old, who can’t read, what would it look like? The traditional back arrow makes just about zero sense to a young kid. The team at Kibooco, an app that helps kids create their own story books, spent literally hours pondering this question. They came up with… Read more »

Building a Rockstar Startup Team [Insights from GROW Conference]

Grow Conference

Finding the right startup team can be the difference between a tense office culture, constant interruptions, and passive-aggressive emails and days full of high-fives, heads-down work, and happy hours. At GROW Conference, Vancouver’s premier startup event with over 800 attendees, a few speakers reminded us how a solid team can be the foundation for everything… Read more »

CineCoup Will Bring Indie Films to More Theatres


Vancouver startup CineCoup has reached an agreement with Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest theatre chain, to bring popular indie movies into their theatres. Theatres traditionally shy away from independent films because they are a mixed bag, full of a few blockbusters like Paranormal Activity and many duds. That means most indie films go straight to DVD… Read more »

What’s the Hardest Part about Startup Weekend? [Vancouver Edition]

Vancouver Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend, the 54-hour race to build a working product and pitch to judges on Sunday night, came to Vancouver this weekend. The event jumpstarted 17 ideas, from planning routes to selling tickets to epic Pokemon-style networking battles. And contrary to popular belief, few people pulled all-nighters – although “maybe that’s just the Vancouver mentality,”… Read more » The Magic of a Catered Office Lunch


On her second week on the job as Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer announced that lunches in the company cafeteria would be free. A longtime offering at Google, Mayer’s previous employer, the free lunch symbolizes a company’s commitment to its employees: they no longer have to rush around in the morning throwing a sandwich into… Read more »

Angel Spotlight Series: Behind the Scenes with Boris Wertz

Angel Spotlight Series

As an entrepreneur pitching to angel investors, you have a lot on your mind. You have to nail your pitch and anticipate their questions, all while staying cool and charismatic. Preparing your pitch is of paramount importance, and a crucial component of this is knowing exactly who you’re pitching to. We’re here to help.   Tech Cocktail’s… Read more »

Thinkific and the Science of Online Education


This year, Stanford University turned things upside down with experiments in the “flipped classroom.” For a few courses in biochemistry and computer science, students watched their lectures online and did problem solving, discussion, and practice during classroom time. According to the school, biochem students enjoyed the course more and attendance rose from 30 to 80… Read more »