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Mistakes Happen – Lets Web Visitors Correct Them


If you’ve ever managed content on a website, this one’s for you. is a tool that allows readers who find mistakes on your site – such as typos, misuse of facts or grammar errors – to simply right-click, edit the mistake, and notify you in order to make the correction.

Anything to make life easier as in the area of web content management sounds good to me.

Installing this crowd-based editing service is a three-step process, similar in form to adding Google analytics to a site.

  1. First, generate the API key
  2. Next, add the site’s URL to the control panel
  3. Finally, set the configuration for your site to generate the custom code

It’s that simple. Even more so if your site is on WordPress, there’s a plugin. There are four different options in place to activate the correction option (combinations of selecting the text and/or clicking the shift or control buttons) – as the admin, you pick the one your users would best respond to.

How do would-be copy editors know they have the ability to suggest corrections on your site?  Graphic display badges are available to indicate is in use as a feedback mechanism. is a new project by a Poland-based developer named Zbigniew Czarnecki. The service is free and will remain free according to Czarnecki, who is considering premium features later on to offset some of the costs associated with running the application.

Try it out for yourself on; it’s unobtrusive and really simple.  Misspellings abound within the paragraph text giving plenty of opportunity for correction, i.e. ‘testing’.

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Marla Shaivitz is a writer, developer and digital marketer. She's interested in innovations & innovators in technology and those working toward social good. Follow Marla on Twitter at @marlashaivitz.


6 Responses to “Mistakes Happen – Lets Web Visitors Correct Them”

  1. @TonyKinard

    Interesting idea. Yet they don't seem to use it on their own site… where I found a mistake. lol. Or maybe I need to install a user side component to offer a correction?

  2. Zbigniew Czarnecki

    First of all thanks for amazing article about my service :)

    @TonyKinard – We have it on our website in "Try it now…" You just need to select text and type corrected version :)

    • @TonyKinard

      Ahh… I was referring to a mistake regarding a broken link (which appears to work now). I was expecting too much of too soon – thought maybe we could offer corrections on more than text. But still cool though. :)



      Well, you have some specified DEMO areas on your website… but you really would benefit from applying the tool to your own work more broadly. (This seems especially useful for someone writing in a language not native.) For example the heading "Who use" should be "Who uses…" or "Who's using." English sentences don't start with "Who use." And in "see example mistake and it's corrections added", the possessive form of the pronoun it is its (no apostrophe).


        Zbigniew Czarnecki

        You're absolutely right. English is not my native language so I do a lot of mistakes. But thank you for your correction – I will correct mistakes as soon as possible.



    Unintended irony to have the destination under the hyperlinked text "" (in the last ppg sentence "Try it on…") go to a page I'm not interested on this site. Hey, try some of your own dogfood.


  1.  6.29.12 | RFI Labs

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