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Creating a – No Political Parties, Just People

It’s a pretty common belief that the two-party political system in America is broken and no longer represents the diverse views we hold as a nation. Defining ourselves simply as “Democrats” or “Republicans” diminishes the importance of our individual beliefs and limits our choice as voters.

DC-based startup wants to change the way we organize ourselves politically.  They recognize that individual networks are more powerful than political parties, and that the issues we face are more important than the politics surrounding them. helps you find politically like-minded people, share ideas, and take collective action to create the change you want to see in your community and your country.

You start by finding like-minded people. Simply answer a few thought-provoking questions about your views, politics, and values and you’ll be matched up with other members who think like you. This instantly created group is called your “Ruck”.

You can follow your Ruck’s political activity across, Facebook, and Twitter, see what issues they’re discussing, and which petitions they’re signing.

Ultimately, is about taking action. Think of your Ruck as a megaphone that lets you super-charge your ideas by instantly getting them into the hands of people who are most likely to be passionate about them.

Founders Nathan Daschle, former Executive Director of Democratic Governors Association, and Raymond Glendening, former Political Director of Democratic Governors Association, will be on hand to demo at our Tech Cocktail DC Summer Mixer on Thursday night.  Stop by and say hi!

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2 Responses to “Creating a – No Political Parties, Just People”


    Chris Golden

    I'm sorry but who said that it's a pretty common belief that the two-party system in our country system is broken and "no longer reflects the diverse interests we hold as a nation." That's a loaded statement, disregards 200+ years of American history and represents a political viewpoint that I would not expect to find on this blog. Many Americans believe the two-party system is working just fine and many more believe that their political party (on one side or the other) is greater and has answers to solve our country's most pressing problems. What we don't need right now is NO party, what we need is to listen to the parties we have and make a choice.



    Americans are tired of not having a choice other than what the two parties force down our throats. There's no way to reform the system, when the candidates are part of the system.


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