David Hornik Went From an 80s Pop-Loving Undergrad to a Venture Capitalist

August 27, 2014

6:00 pm

Believe it or not, David Hornik studied computer music as an undergraduate because he was really excited about 80s pop. It might sound completely irrelevant, but as it turns out a lot of tech companies came out of the synth-tastic world.

Granted, Hornik went to law school after graduating, but he also recognized the benefits of moving to Silicon Valley thanks to his undergraduate experiences and friends. As a result, he ended up taking his talents to the Bay Area to work specifically as a litigator for startup companies.

Every minute he could get more involved in the businesses he would, even though he admittedly had no right to opine on their day to day operations. His speech-craft got him an offer to join the venture capital world.

Hornik had wanted to be a VC for a while, and joined August Capital. His partner told him: ‘David, lawyers suck at this and you’ll likely fail’. However, Hornik had no intention to fail, and he’s been at it for the last 15 years.

At our recent Tech Cocktail Week Sessions in Downtown Vegas, we got to hear how Hornik, as his mother puts it, talked his way into a job that only requires him to talk.

Here’s the video:



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