Evr1 Creates Fashion Accessories for Techies

March 26, 2013

3:20 pm

Fashion is no longer about skinny jeans and designer bags. Today, we have a Vogue look for wearable technology fashion. While I may enjoy heels that make a statement, I am even more excited when I see fashion accessories that are able to integrate two great trends: fashion and technology. Thus comes “the MOD.”

The MOD is a bracelet handmade of upcycled black leather and suede. It sports an adjustable stainless steel Omega clasp, nickel rivets, and steel screws. You can add many accessories to your MOD – like a watch or an iPod Shuffle. If you want your inner geek to come out, the MOD can be a platform for a wrist-mounted Arduino computer, and other fun components like an ultrasonic range finder or an MP3 player. One bracelet for life – intended to reduce waste, empower each of us as makers/designers/artists, and connect us with what is most important. The three suede pockets are for keeping what is sacred to you: data, photos, documents, medicine, phone numbers, or emergency information. Basically, it’s the Batman wrist gadget meets reality and fashion. It’s geeky and cool.

5 - Evr1 photo

The MOD is the newest product from EVR1, a San Francisco-based startup. Each product is handmade by skilled artisans in the San Francisco Bay Area using durable, sustainable, and upcycled materials, such as scrap leather, sail cloth, truck tire tubing and buckles, cable, and rivets made from stainless steel, nickel, and brass. Each item contains the EVR1 Canon written onto a Micro SDHC storage disk.

Every EVR1 accessory includes 16 gigs of data with essential information, such as the entire corpus of Wikipedia, the US Army Survival Guide, the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, the Earth Charter, and the CIA World Factbook. You never know when you will need this knowledge – but when you do, the MOD has what you are looking for.

Brandon Peele is the cofounder of EVR1. He’s also the creator of the Continuum Development Index and a veteran of numerous successful technology, media, and consumer goods companies, including Crackle/Sony, Bebo/Aol., Lifefactory, Autodesk, Babycenter, Intertainer, Bookglutton, and SunTechnics.

I am excited about this new trend of fashion-to-geek accessories, and curious to see what’s next.

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