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March 27, 2012

3:00 pm

Next time you find yourself in need of a trustworthy electrician, financial advisor, or even a web designer, Boise-based EthcialPro can give you the hookup. Founded by Philip Bennett, EthicalPro is a bridge between businesses and consumers, providing a community of word of mouth marketing and accountability for professional services people use every day.

EthicalPro’s online community is consumer-driven. Consumers nominate, review and rate providers they have hired and had an experience with in the past.

EthicalPro aims to build trust around the process of hiring someone, removing the fear of making a choice among an anonymous list of possible companies. Each listed business fills out an application and signs a code of ethics. Every consumer creates a profile to be able to post.  These steps toward accountability foster a collection of reviews that are authentic, audited and more trustworthy than similar sites.

The ratings and review site is nothing new, so I asked Bennett what makes EthicalPro different.

Our review process is unique in that you have to have had an experience with the service professional to post.  All reviews go live after posting, unlike most of our competitors where the service company has to  approve reviews about them.

Because customers welcome professional service providers into their homes and lives – in everything from their financial portfolios to their kitchens – transparency is a big deal for EthicalPro. Bennett says their reviews are 100% traceable, no one writes a review anonymously, and no business can choose not to post a review.

EthicalPro will demo at our Tech Cocktail Boise event next week. Be sure to stop by and learn more about the company and its team.

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