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Forget the Yard Sale – Sell Your Items Via Social Networks Using the Mint Market App


We are in the middle of prime yard sale season, and though they have long been the best way to sell your stuff, yard sales are a lot of work – not to mention you have to get up super early on a weekend morning to set it up.

Well, now there’s an app for that. Mint Market is a free marketplace for mint condition pre-owned items. The app lets you buy from and sell to other users or to customers within their social networks – you can even break down your social graph further by school, workplace, etc.

To get started, you snap a pic of the item you are selling, post it on the app, and add a description. Mint Market highlights items that are posted within 60 days of the purchase date by listing them in the main feed so users can easily check out brand-new items.

Shane Kang, product manager, said they decided to enter such a crowded marketplace because “there really isn’t a go-to mobile app on the market for selling pre-owned items (on the web, yes, but on mobile, no one has really nailed it).“

Because their focus was simplicity during the design/dev phase, the app has a visually attractive interface.  As Kang explained, “The layout makes it simple for users to scroll through items quickly without having to strain their eyes. The same thing cannot be said about other similar apps because they are, for the most part, text-based.”

MintMarket is available for the iPhone and Android.

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2 Responses to “Forget the Yard Sale – Sell Your Items Via Social Networks Using the Mint Market App”


    Editor, SPS

    But people like driving around and physically looking at yard sales. Plus, individuals may not find as interesting items if they can only shop at the stores of people they already know. Part of what drives people to physically go to yard sales is the act of getting outside, going to new and interesting places, and rummaging through stockpiles of used items.

    Doing it this way does however increase legitimacy and buyer confidence in the sale because buyers know the person doing the selling.

    Does Ebay not already do this job though? Plus their rating system equates to buying confidence.


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