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4 Funny Holiday Videos for Startups

Holiday videos

It’s that time of year again! Lots of tech companies try to stand out with a funny holiday video; here are some of the best ones.

First Round Capital

Last year it was “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style.” This year, it’s a remix of “Wrecking Ball,” “What Does the Fox Say?”, “The Harlem Shake,” and more.


Inspired by the viral BatDad video, Chicago-based See3 Communications brings you BatBoss – equally creepy and hoarse-throated.


This is one of the more promotional videos of the bunch, but it’s hilarious to see this guy try to sing “12 Days of Christmas” while getting pinecones thrown at him and sneaking in bites of food. I can’t imagine how many takes it took to get this right.


Also promotional, but they make a good point: why isn’t Santa better at gift giving?

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