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Gina Bianchini: Build A Network of Honesty You Can Depend On


Gina Bianchini is not only the founder of Mightybell, but also one of the brains behind The site was released alongside Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In,” and the two elements together provide people a way to self-aggregate into help groups when they need it most.

The group aspect on which she worked with Sandberg was a perfect fit to go along with Mightybell’s focus on communities. Bianchini’s flagship project gives communities a place to learn and share together in groups via the software they produce.

Part of what helps drive these communities to success is the passion that gets shared within them. Speaking to that effect at Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate, Bianchini discouraged individuals from falling into a major mistake in the narrative of entrepreneurship: that it’s all about the lone wolf.

To overcome that negative, visionary mentality, she told us that we should always capitalize on an opportunity to learn, teach, and grow with the people near us. Building a network of honesty around close-knit communities can and will lead to success because you’re not all by yourself when the chips are down.

To Bianchini, there are four principles that catalyze this honesty: choosing true peers, conversational confidentiality, asking great questions, and sharing experiences over providing advice.

Here is the video:


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