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Looking for Happiness in 2014? Sign Up for Happier’s Life-Improvement Courses


While the rest of the world excitingly anticipated the arrival of the new year, Boston-based Happier, Inc. announced a new way to help people lead happier lives in 2014: mobile life-improvement and wellness classes. It’s some refreshing news from the happiness and wellness company, and certainly comes at a perfect moment (New Year’s resolutions, anyone?).

Happier has become pretty renown for its iPhone app – a mobile platform that lets you record and share each day’s little, happy moments. According to happiness studies, writing down and recording positive things about your day actually helps you develop a more positive outlook on life and makes you happier in the long-run. Launched last February, the Happier app was featured in TIME‘s “50 Best iPhone Apps of 2013″.

“We believe that learning new ways to improve your wellbeing should be something you can do anywhere and it should be fun, interactive, and come with ways to actually make what you learn part of your everyday life,” says Nataly Kogan, in last week’s press release.

Working with leading wellness and lifestyle experts, Happier will design life-improvement courses that last between one- to three-weeks and will cost between $20 and $50. Topics will range from things like how to incorporate meditation into your lifestyle, how to create a gratitude habit, and how to become better at dating (I can’t wait for this one – duh). Each of the courses will combine daily activities, inspiring videos, Happier merchandise/tools, and other content to help people become happier, healthier beings.

And the best part? You can take these courses with you literally anywhere since all of the content can be accessed through your phone. It’s a new approach in the self-help market, that’s currently dominated by DVDs, books, and seminars. “People aren’t reading hardcover books or watching DVDs as much as they spend time on their mobile phones,” says Kogan.

The first course, Everyday Grateful, begins TODAY and will be taught by Nataly herself – this is fantastic, since Nataly really knows her stuff when it comes to happiness. It’s a 21-day interactive course to help you develop a more grateful outlook on life and all that it has to offer. You can sign up for it now or anytime during the course’s run.

Sign up for Happier courses here and make sure to download the Happier app for your iPhone

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