HelloRent Makes Apartment Hunting Less Painful

May 1, 2011

3:41 pm

Goodbye, frustrating apartment searches—HelloRent!  Chicago-based HelloRent is changing the way people search for apartments online by helping people find the best available apartment in the least amount of time.

When you’re moving to a new city, looking for a place to live sans roommates, or upgrading your lifestyle, the last thing you need is additional stress from online apartment searching.  Many people dread the apartment hunt and want to get to the fun part–setting up their new digs–as quickly as possible.

HelloRent has made the search process easy.  The site features almost 100,000 apartments funneled from Craigslist, RentBits, 365 Connect, and RentJuice.  Users can search for apartments in the context of their location on a map and create instant filters to enhance the search process.

The search-by-location feature is great because it produces a giant map from which the user can select a new address based on its proximity to work, nightlife, or whatever else they desire.  The map is less clunky than other similar sites, and the user gets a variety of leads from different sites, so the selection is good.  Clicking on each available property produces an image, rent price, number of bedrooms, street address, and property name.

HelloRent gets to the heart of what makes an apartment the perfect fit for you—location, location, location!  By immediately narrowing down by location, HelloRent streamlines the apartment search, so you can be in your new home as soon as possible.

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