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How to Free Up Space on iPhone


Do you know how much space is left on your iPhone? Do you even know how much space it had to begin with?

Cofounder Raul Mujica of Kincast, an app for sharing videos with family, realized that many of his users didn’t. In fact, 40 percent had less than 10 percent space left on their iPhones.

When space is low, he says, your iPhone gets sluggish. It might crash, slow down, or fail to save things. That’s because the phone needs extra disk space for cacheing and saving temporary files.

“It’s one of those nasty little not-often-talked-about problems that more and more people are running into,” says Mujica.

Kincast screenshot

To check how much space you have left, go to Settings > General > Usage. That will also tell you which apps use the most space. Or, if you’re a Kincast user, their latest version automatically sends you alerts when space is running low.

Here are a few tips to free up space.

  1. Delete extra files. Get rid of TV shows, movies, or games that you downloaded and watched or played already.
  2. Clear your browsing history. Go to Safari, then clear history and clear cookies and data (assuming you’re willing to part with those)
  3. Clear your phone history. Go to recent calls, then click Edit > Clear. Delete voicemail messages and text messages (especially those with pictures). For more information, see this video.
  4. Opt for cloud storage. Kincast, for example, lets you allocate a certain amount of space on your iPhone for the app, then store the rest of your videos in the cloud for a fee.
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