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ivi TV Launches First Internet Cable Network

I’ve been contemplating cutting ties with my cable TV for quite some time. What’s held me back? Live TV events, like sports and news. I think there is an inherit lust for the live talking head on the other side of the screen. While sites like Livestream and Ustream are positioned well as another method for the networks to reach people, Seattle-based startup ivi TV is looking to do something that has never been done before by launching the first ever online cable system (a “virtual” set box). Their business model is the same as cable TV but at dramatically lower costs. It’s $4.99 a month to subscribe to ivi TV. This is an industry that is ripe for innovation.

To use ivi TV, all you need is an Internet connection and their app to enjoy over 70 channels that consists of all major broadcast channels with popular programming from ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, etc. They will even be streaming the Super Bowl this year live from Dallas (hopefully the Chicago Bears will be playing in it). They also carried the World Series and every NFL game that gets carried on one of the major networks.

With cable TV averaging at $71 a month (and up to $150 or so, like mine currently is with Internet, HBO and phone, that latter of which we don’t need), a combined package of ivi TV and Hulu Plus and Netflix, for example, could cost roughly $15-$22 a month in comparison thus saving users lots of money. Oh, and we’re putting our money on ivi TV as it is only a matter of time before the word gets out and everyone is watching ivi TV on their Smart TV devices.  If you are looking to cut your cable bill down significantly yet still enjoy the live TV events like regular cable TV then you might want to give ivi TV a try.

ivi TV will be part of the Tech Cocktail Innovation Showcase at the official CES Tweetup on Friday, January 7th. Come by and check out how you can cut your cable and still enjoy live TV via the Interwebs.

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    I've felt the same way about cutting the cord. I would simply miss all the live sports I currently get through Comcast. This looks like a compelling service, but I'm curious how this can cost less than Hulu Plus, but have a stronger lineup of content. The tracking aspect to gather demographic data is a great value add to the content providers, but not sure it justifies the significantly less revenue they would be getting here compared to what they receive from cable providers. If ivi can truly offer this type of content at these prices indefinitely, sign me up!

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