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Jeff Clavier’s Advice: Don’t Build to Flip


On Wednesday, SoftTechVC founder Jeff Clavier shared his philosophy of building long-term companies with the audience at TCWEEK in downtown Vegas.

Building to sell a company early (or “flip” it) is a terrible strategy, Clavier believes. “It’s nonsense because you cannot build a company to flip it. It’s impossible to intersect the trajectory of a big guy,” he says. In other words, you’ll never figure out what big tech companies will want in the future in order to build it at the exact right time.

Instead, SoftTechVC looks for entrepreneurs building long-term companies that could eventually go public. That’s one of the reasons why they don’t want to see a slide about exit options in your pitch deck. “I’ll just laugh at you,” Clavier told us in a past interview. “But the laughing means you’re dead.”

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