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DC-Based Kit Check Raises $10.4 Million to Make Hospitals More Efficient


Today, Kit Check announced $10.4 million in Series A funding led by New Leaf Venture Partners, and including Sands Capital Ventures, Easton Capital Investment Group, and LionBird.

The DC startup takes a 30-minute job that hospital pharmacists do multiple times per day, automatizes it, and cuts it down to about three minutes. Normally, pharmacists are constantly putting together trays of medications and devices called pharmacy kits. There are different pharmacy kits for different conditions, like heart attack, and doctors may only use a few items in the kit. Afterward, the kit is sent back to the pharmacists, who have to figure out what was used, replenish it, and check for expiring medications.

With Kit Check, pharmacists scan used pharmacy kits in the Kit Check scanner. The software automatically detects which items are missing and which are expiring, and the pharmacist replaces them. According to some of their preliminary users, error rates have dropped dramatically.

Kit Check works using RFID tagging. To set it up, pharmacists scan the labels of drugs or devices and enter their lot number and expiration date. Kit Check then prints a special tag that’s attached to the bottle or syringe, for example, so the Kit Check scanner can detect it.

So far, 16 hospitals have signed on to use this new system. Kit Check is also a graduate of the Rock Health accelerator.

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