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Tech Cocktail Berlin Launches, Promises a New Way to Search App Stores


Today in Berlin a brand new, web-based discovery platform,, was launched to give consumers on Android or iOS transparent comparison shopping with regard to apps. The third-party search engine catalogues the over 1 million available apps and delivers hypersensitive results to consumers.

“As an app developer it was obvious:  With the existing search engines, it was impossible to find all of our competitors and get an overview of what is available in the app market,” says Knicket founder Uwe Flade.

The algorithmic search function was compiled by Flade’s team of developers in response to that frustration because he noticed app stores had limited search and filter options. Knicket is fast and precise, offering users intra-filter results, tags, and a real-time price slider.

It also features an appmesh, age filter, minimum rating filter, and an in app purchase filter. The team at Knicket will constantly be updating and accumulating additional search and social features further down the road to reach their goal of app search transparency.

Knicket’s search concept wants to make sense of mass chaos intrinsic to product overflow. Flade and the team also future proofed their platform as they are planning to scale it to categorized searches for e-books, console games, and blogs further down the road.

“We are striving to provide a valid app search engine that makes sure you find any app you are looking for – in no time,” says Flade. “And that guarantees that you’ve seen everything out there before you take the decision to download or purchase any app.”

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