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LAFORGE Optical’s Indiegogo Campaign Introduces Stylish Wearable Tech


LAFORGE Optical today kicked off their Indiegogo campaign for a pair of smart-glasses called Icis (pronounced eye-sis). The team has been developing them for the last 18 months to defeat the stigma of bulky and stylistically austere wearable tech, and now they want to get them into the hands of developers and early adopters.

The Icis glasses incorporate a heads-up display to provide a user’s smartphone notifications around their field of vision. They’re also connected to a cloud server and feature a camera, microphone, and speaker to complement the hardware native to a user’s smartphone.

The two styles, Icis and Icis Bold, are available for pre-order today and will cost you $420 and $620, respectively; Icis features a 680 x 480 display and Icis Bold has a 1280 x 680 display. Both models are designed to pair with a smartphone app that converts your existing smartphone apps into widgets for the HUD via an API.

“We wanted to design something that would keep people connected to their social networks, and not be intrusive,” says Corey Mack, CEO of LAFORGE Optical. “We want to blur the line between people’s virtual lives and their real lives. We want to create an environment where people can interact with their phone, without necessarily having to go through the hassle of pulling it out of their pocket.”

LAFORGE Optical wants to set the standard in the market for technology embedded into eyewear and, thus, have put a lot of effort into making Icis look stylish. Their Indiegogo campaign will help ensure that as many different people as possible help unleash its true potential.

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