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LocalUp Brings You Hyper-Local Online Food Ordering

LocalUp Solutions

Baltimore-based startup LocalUp Solutions connects restaurants directly with consumers, making each locally branded website the mecca for online food ordering in their respective cities.

If their business sounds a little GrubHub-ish, well, yeah it kind of is.  But unlike many of its competitors, LocalUp licenses its technology to local entrepreneurs and media companies in many smaller markets, thus carving out a nice niche for themselves.

So as LocalUp has been flying under the radar for the last 2 years, they have been growing rapidly in small and medium sized cities and on college campuses across North America.  With lots of attention paid to individual markets by local business owners, they have a bunch of regional brands in their network: HungryBoiler in West Lafayette, IN; LionMenus in State College, PA; BurghMenus in Pittsburgh, PA; HungryBuffs in Boulder, CO; and SBmenus in Santa Barbara, CA.

LocalUp’s unique business model is really catching on, so if you’re looking for a cool opportunity consider these numbers:

  • Their growth is around 200% annually
  • They have more than 400,000 registered users who visit almost 750,000 times a month
  • They have more than 28,000 Facebook friends
  • Users have generated $25MM+ in annual online food orders to over 600 restaurants

LocalUp is working on a bunch of exciting things: new sites are launching, a site design optimization is in the works, and mobile food ordering apps will soon be available for iPhone and Android.  I’d wager a bet that this startup is one to watch.

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