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Messuzz Launches v2.0: Targets US, UK, and Saudi Arabian Markets


The Norwegian based company Messuzz today publicly launched version 2.0 of their iOS messaging app designed to make local discovery easier by introducing users to people and events nearby. Today’s release is specifically targeting growth in the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia markets.

“With the release of Messuzz 2.0, we’re seeing a huge increase in the US market, a trend we expect to continue as more and more people demand relevant, geo-specific content from social apps,” says co-founder Gulbrand Overbye.

To date Messuzz has spread to over 70 nations worldwide and the co-founders have coined the platform the best of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all rolled into one. Users can upload up-to-the minute details about local events, send time-limited photos to friends, and meet new people nearby with the platform.

Regardless of use case, the focus of Messuzz is on keeping content relevant and exciting to users ready to explore their surroundings. The platform edges out social networking giants which don’t filter friends and events by time and place as well.

“Messuzz is about one thing: what’s going on right now, where you are,” says Overbye. “We corner the market of now.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the release of Messuzz 2.0 affects user adoption in their target markets moving forward. It can be overwhelming sometimes to cater to multiple international markets, but if Messuzz gets it right they could be a great standard to emulate for other startups looking to garner international growth.

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