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oLyfe Reveals Social Media Sentiment around the Oscars


During the Super Bowl, there were 5,679,596 related tweets. Unfortunately, you mostly didn’t see the infographics with interesting social media insights on them until a few days later.

With ten very interesting and different movies vying for Best Picture at the Oscars this year, the anticipation and the debates right before the show are the most exciting part for many viewers. So I would like to share with you a very interesting new platform that allows you to see the overall social media sentiment and trending content for various movies in real time. It’s called oLyfe.

olyfe 1

olyfe 2

Just in time for the Oscars, they have launched a real-time solution to show how various Oscar films are trending, in what states they are most popular, and with what sentiment – as well as displaying most influential tweets and popular images. All of this is updated frequently at They’ve also put together a fascinating map showing the most popular contenders based on tweets from each state over the past few days.

oLyfe, founded in 2010, has built the only end-to-end real-time social media intent measurement and targeting solution. A company or brand can use the same platform to search for any topic or phrase and aggregate all the key social media feeds in real time. The data are then segmented by geography, subtopics, and sentiment, and the brand is able to use these data to target the right users. Most tools in the marketplace today either focus on quantitative metrics, which lack the real-time factor, or utilize highly customized channels that don’t easily scale for marketers. This platform brings all parts of the process to work in real time, making the social conversation actionable.

The oLyfe Oscars page is live now. You can find it at

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Katya Constantine is a seasoned online marketer with over 11 years of experience. She has developed a uniquely comprehensive background in email and omni-channel marketing for large online brands. Most recently, she was at Expedia and Amazon, leading projects ranging from behavior-based programs to increasing customer acquisition and conversion with great results. Katya has successfully worked to bridge mobile, email, search and social channels to increase online performance at many large web properties and ecommerce startups. Presently, Katya is the CEO of DigiShopGirl Media. She is also a marketing mentor for technology startups via Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator program and an active blogger/speaker on topics ranging from mobile email to effects of the visual web on online marketing. You can follow Katya on Twitter @digishopgirl.


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