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What to Know About the Maker Movement and Why You Should Care

2013-03_TechShop_SanFrancisco (1)

This entire week, events around Washington, DC have been centered on spotlighting the Maker Movement – a group comprised of craftspeople, tinkerers, hobbyists, inventors, and overall enthusiasts, all of whom engage in the act of creating. Rather than the mere inventors of the past, these do-it-yourself “makers” have access to modern technologies, robust resources, and an… Read more »

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Will Join Steve Case on ‘Rise of the Rest Road Trip’


It was announced yesterday that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker will join Steve Case on his Rise of the Rest Road Trip, the four-city tour through developing startup ecosystems (Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Nashville) in an effort to spotlight the successes of startups outside of Silicon Valley. Pritzker – who also serves as the chair… Read more »

Those Are Some Cool Wireless Charging Pants


The world’s first pair of wireless mobile-charging trousers was unveiled this week in London as part of a new collaboration between Microsoft Inc. and British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage. The trousers, described as a “wearable chino” by Sauvage to Business Insider, have been fitted with a wireless charging plate from the Nokia DC-50, dismantled and reassembled… Read more »

urBin: On-Demand Storage Makes Your Life a Little Easier


New York City is known as “The City that Never Sleeps,” and if you ask anyone who lives in the Big Apple, they’ll also tell you that it’s a “city of small apartments and crowded rooms.” Even city-dwellers who are creative with space still might not have enough room to store all of their items…. Read more »

After Hosting the Very First Maker Summit, TechShop DC-Arlington to Celebrate Grand Opening Tomorrow


This week has been an exciting week for makers in the nation’s capital. Aside from the very first White House Maker Faire that took place on Thursday, TechShop – the membership-based, network of  facilities incorporating a do-it-yourself fabrication and prototyping studio, hackerspace, and learning center – hosted Maker Media’s inaugural Maker Summit on Tuesday at their Crystal… Read more »

Top 5 Most Useless Websites, According To Teens


Think you’re surfing the web with the cool kids? If one or more of your most visited site is on the list below, your probably not. A research led by Startup Niche surveyed the teens on their media habits, and the findings shed a light on the tech companies have the attention of tomorrow’s savvy users. It’s no surprise that… Read more »

Technology +Talent + Culture = Vox Media Formula to Success

Jim Bankoff Sessions

Content is King, but not what helped Vox Media raise capital and trust of investors. It takes more than that, there is a formula. That formula was shared by Vox Media’s CEO Jim Bankoff talk during Tech Cocktail Sessions, to a crowd of entrepreneurs in Crystal City Wednesday night. Tech Cocktail’s Frank Gruber led the… Read more »

Will.I.Am, Bill Nye, and a Robot Giraffe: Just a Few Things We Saw at the White House Maker Faire


Yesterday, we got to check out the inaugural White House Maker Faire. In an effort to raise awareness about the growing maker community across the country and its lasting impact on American manufacturing and entrepreneurship, President Obama invited innovators from more than 25 states to showcase their products to all the important people in Washington,… Read more »

From 0 to 60: An Actionable Plan for Starting Social Media Marketing

Revving Up Social Media Marketing

Since even the CIA is now on Twitter, we know that every company should be using social media marketing. Getting started is a process of testing the waters of various social media channels, like Facebook and Pinterest. With so many different services popping up, each with their own rules and requirements, it’s hard to know… Read more »

Improve Workplace Collaboration with Weekdone


As a startup founder, have you struggled with finding effective ways to collaborate and share ideas with your employees? Employee reporting is a common issue managers face. Especially when most employee reporting is done via email or Excel, it can become difficult to stay on top of each employee’s progress. Weekdone, a simple weekly employee… Read more »

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman on Founder Depression: “You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.”


In a blog post written last weekend, Y Combinator president Sam Altman brought to light the necessity for startup founders to talk about the issues they’re facing and the emotions they’re feeling rather repressing these notions of depression. Reporting on and writing about the startup scene has been a truly rewarding experience for me. Oftentimes,… Read more »

The Best Up-and-Coming Cities for Young Entrepreneurs


Silicon Valley and New York City seem to be the obvious places for startups to move if they’ve reached their peak  — or just looking to grow their businesses. However, as the cost of living rises in both of these places, young entrepreneurs can and should look elsewhere. I talked to Carl Schramm who is… Read more »