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Cybersecurity Startup Luminal Raises $600K from the State of Maryland, Closes $3.82M in Series A Funding


Cybersecurity startup Luminal has been awarded $600,000 from the Maryland Venture Fund’s InvestMaryland, an economic development initiative set up by the state government and various venture capital firms, following its recent move from West Virginia to Frederick, Maryland. With this investment, Luminal closes a total of $3.82 million in a Series A round of funding. “Investing in young,… Read more »

If You’re Approaching Burnout, Take a Careercation Now 


Get chapters of David Niu’s book Careercation: Trading Briefcase for Suitcase to Find Entrepreneurial Happiness for free starting today.  In 2012, BuddyTV cofounder David Niu bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand for himself, his wife, and his 10-month old daughter, Keira. He was burned out, and it was time for a “careercation.”  Niu had… Read more »

Come for the Fashion, Stay for the Fun: STYLECABLE to Launch in DC with a Pop-Up Party


Need some new clothes for the spring season? Tired of the hackneyed designs you’re finding in DC clothing retailers and department stores? Want to try on original pieces while getting treated to an open bar? Then come out to STYLECABLE’s pop-up shop and launch party this Wednesday night (tomorrow!). The DC-based startup is celebrating the launch of… Read more »

Twitter & Foursquare Founders, Execs, Investors Among Others Prove #BostonStrong Finish Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Boston Strong

Today was a big day as the Boston Marathon resumed after last year’s horrific bombing. A number of tech startup founders, investors and entrepreneurs participated, so we thought we’d show some support by pulling together some of the notable techie Boston Marathon finishers. Congrats to everyone who participated and our thoughts are with the families,… Read more »

My Top 10 Game of Thrones Android Apps


When the calendar ticks March people start to think about warmer weather, green grass, and sunshine. I would wager that an equal amount of people see March and think only one thing: Winter is coming. If you’re up on your pop-culture then you’ll immediately understand the reference. However, if you’re unfamiliar with what’s happened over… Read more »

Tabeso, Switch SUPERNAP, and Work In Progress Spice Up the VegasTech Website


The website recently got a makeover thanks to the collaborative efforts of Switch SUPERNAP, Work In Progress, and a team of dedicated Las Vegas entrepreneurs. The group got together and worked their magic with the express purpose to reinvigorate the popular community website. “We are excited to partner with Work In Progress to continue… Read more »

This Type of Malware Is Cyber Criminals’s New Weapon

credential stealing malware

As long as the Internet and computers exist, malware will remain a threat to vulnerable PCs and devices. Most of us rely on our PCs or related devices on a daily basis, from work to leisure. Although this is good for enhancing communication and even productivity, such a large number of Internet users can leave… Read more »

You’ll Never “Make It”

Richard St. John

Success researcher Richard St. John wants everyone to avoid an all-too-common problem: success-to-failure syndrome. In his book 8 to Be Great, he identified the eight characteristics of successful people: They focus on passion, not money. They work, but have fun: they’re “workafrolics.” They get good by practicing. They focus on a niche. They push themselves… Read more »

Google Glass in Surgery, and Other Health Care Advancements

google glass surgery

If there’s one industry that has seen huge dividends as a result of technological development, it’s the health care industry. From open heart surgery to 3D imagery to genetic coding, the health care industry today was science fiction just 50 years ago. There continue to be leaps and strides forward, with advances being made seemingly… Read more »

6 Fictional Smart Homes That Make the Gates House Look like a Shanty

tony stark mansion

The days of having to turn off your own lights and adjust your own thermostat are gone. With recent advances in wireless communication technology, home automation companies have made it possible for the modern homeowner to live an entirely post-modern lifestyle, complete with remote-controlled electric locks, machine-learning climate control, and self-operating appliances (because sometimes you’d… Read more »

The 2 Things Email Marketing Experts Are Doing in 2014

email marketing

Every new year, marketing managers, analysts, and pundits across the globe make predictions about the most popular trends to come in email marketing. Based on early statistics, the top priorities for real email marketing managers in 2014 are 1) increasing subscriber engagement and 2) expanding the use of list segmentation. Overall email marketing usage While… Read more »

3 Trends to Watch in Performance and Brand Advertising

performance brand advertising

In this two-part series, Per Pettersen, founder and CEO of Impact Radius (and former co-founder of Commission Junction) highlights six key trends that are likely to affect the performance and brand advertising markets in 2014. 1. Mobile advertising will continue to explode With more than 4.8 billion mobile devices in use around the globe –… Read more »

Cyber Security Breach: Phishing Site Steals Apple IDs


In yet another example of a cyber security breach, the EA server was recently hacked, and its website was used to host a phishing site intended to steal Apple IDs. Unfortunately, such online security breaches are becoming more common as hackers take advantage of vulnerable servers with inadequate security measures. How can companies protect against… Read more »