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Phone Halo’s StickR TrackR Triple-Threat Release


Phone Halo today released the newest addition to their TrackR Bluetooth Low Energy device family: the StickR TrackR. The new product will be joining the roster of other TrackR products like the Wallet TrackR, Audiovox inSite, and Cobra Tag in an effort to help people keep track of their belongings.

The StickR TrackR can be stuck to any item including car keys, remote controls, bikes, luggage, and phones, and it works with the corresponding TrackR app. However, the StickR TrackR will be the first device to tap into Phone Halo’s Crowd Source Tracking Network, which also went live earlier today.

“The sharing economy has disrupted and brought new business models to industries ranging from lodging, transportation and more,” says Chris Herbert, CEO of TrackR. “By bringing this sharing model to lost items, we have dramatically reduced the cost of GPS tracking of everyday items enabling the technology to hit the mainstream market.”

With the network, anyone who has the TrackR app running on their phone will be able to help fellow users find their lost items. If you lose your keys, the attached StickR TrackR will begin emitting a unique ID to alert the entire TrackR community to begin searching for your lost item.

If another TrackR user is within range of the lost keys, their app will automatically and anonymously detect the ID, update the Phone Halo server, and send you updated GPS coordinates. To ensure that the Crowd Source Network has enough people to make it viable, TrackR is giving away $100,000 worth of StickR TrackR devices to bolster their user base.


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