PowerInbox: Email Applified

August 22, 2011

5:25 pm

Your email inbox just became more useful. Instead of signing into Twitter, Facebook and other frequently visited sites, with PowerInbox, you can handle more of your web business from one location. Platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Hotmail become web multi-taskers with PowerInbox, which enables users to run apps from within their email.

PowerInbox is completely free and allows you to comment on a Facebook photo, tweet and follow back on Twitter and monitor interesting Groupon deals without having to visit each site directly.

“This is just the beginning,” explains PowerInbox Founder and CEO Matt Thazhmon. “We have built a unified open platform on which any developer can write their email app. Our vision is to empower users to play games, book travel, complete financial transactions and more, all from their email program.”

PowerInbox recently raised $1.1 million from venture capital and angel investors. The company is seeking developers to help create new apps to expand their services and to redefine what email can do. Check out this company to see if PowerInbox could take your email to the next level.

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