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Questions Done Quick with Qidiq


For startups, getting feedback quickly as you are building a company, brand, product, and service is super important, especially during private beta.  Need to get that MVP out the door!  Ottawa-based startup qidiq can definitely help with that; their tagline is questions done quick.  Qidiq lets you ask a bunch of people their opinions in the moment and see the results nearly instantly.

Here’s how it works: Put together your questions and send them to a group via email or push notifications. The people that receive the questions can respond with just a single tap or click. Qidiq calls it “one-tap feedback”.  Unlike standard surveys, the question is right in the email, and you can click your answer directly in the email.  You can also space out your questions over several days so you are not overwhelming the people on your list.

I spoke with founders Jon Abrams and Elan Dubrofsky via email before trying it out.  They told me that a high school principal used qidiq last week to ask a couple of questions of his staff of approximately 80 people.  Here’s what he said:

“I got at least 70% response, which is by and large better than anything else I’ve used. When I email or put notes in their mail slots, the best I expect is around 15-20%.”

When Jon and Elan asked why those who didn’t respond didn’t, they said the principal looked at the names on his list and realized a number of them were on leave.

OK, so my turn to try it out.  My immediate impression: this is really, really cool.  I created a group, added a couple of email addresses (Jon’s and Elan’s), and asked them one question.  Your questions can be answered yes/no, with a 5 star rating, or as multiple choice.  No matter which method you use, your respondents can add a comment.  (You can also restrict who sees the results and who can join the group.)  So, out my email went, and I sat here and watched the answers come in in real-time.  It was super easy to do and really fun to watch the answers pop up on my screen.

My verdict?  This startup has massive potential.  Check it out today and see what you think.  Leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Questions Done Quick with Qidiq”


    Robin Ahn

    Qidiq is a great product (I'm a beta tester) and I've been really happy with it so far.

    At Startup Drinks Montreal we even used for a really quick and easy contest! We sent a series of questions about the prize donor and the people with the most correct answers went into a draw for the prize. It was great to be able to work in something fun and promotional alongside the usual housekeeping/feedback items you would use Qidiq for.

    And yes, I hated the name at first but now it just rrrrolls off the tongue. :)



    Sounds super right for super abuse by spammers, since all know how luvable that bunch is. Any email tying your email to someone else's server, if it is benign enough to just be answering a question will likely not succeed at all… although you could gamble that jaded emailers will actually use it…


    Robin Ahn

    Hey @onmytoes. It's actually an app that doesn't expose your email at all. You subscribe to a feed and unsubscribe at will. Also, those who are subscribed don't actually know the identities of others who are subscribed.


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