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Repay Your Beer Debts With BeerGivr


“I owe you a beer.

If you added up all the instances someone has said this to you with the times you’ve made this promise to someone else, you would arrive at a number larger than anything ever seen by man.  It’s the default favor recognition phrase.  The problem is – in the era of the Internet – favors happen internationally, and well, beer giving is a local affair.   Although I mean it when I promise a pal a porter, my ability to execute is limited to circumstance and memory (an unreliable combination).

This is the same dilemma that Sean Kennedy had experienced too many times in his own life:

“Since graduating college in 2007 from University of Maryland, Baltimore County I have worked for two software consulting companies with Fortune 500 clients in their portfolio. Consequently, my colleagues have been spread around the world and, despite some wedding invitations, I will likely never meet them in person. When a buddy would stay up with me until 3am in the morning working through a problem or drop everything to help me out of a bind, I could never really follow-up on my ‘I owe you a beer’ comments. Over the years there has been a lot of guilt building up from not following through. So a few months ago I sat down one weekend and made a prototype to fix the problem.”

Kennedy’s solution is BeerGivr, a service that lets people send an allowance for drinks at participating bars.

Kennedy has since bolstered his team, adding Scott Cover as an advisor, the owner of a computer networking firm, and Ryan Bricklemyer as “Director of Cold Ones,” the former host of “Tech Cook”, an online cooking show, and consultant at Sogeti USA.


As of now, BeerGivr is a Baltimore-area only service; they’re hoping to work out the kinks prior to moving out of the area.  As for their specific plans for expansion, Kennedy says, “We are looking at suburban areas of Maryland and Washington, DC next.  Maybe Philadelphia. Fortunately for us, we are starting to see the idea gain traction where businesses are now reaching out to us and friends are talking to each other about BeerGivr.”

Favorite Baltimore Beer

Curious as to what someone who builds a product around beer drinks himself, Kennedy had the following to say:

The gift of all gifts

“To be honest, I was clueless when this all started months ago. But the Baltimore beer crowd has been really encouraging, and thanks to an awesome app called “untappd,” I can look these things up. Out of the over 200 unique beers in the past few months, one of my favorites is a local Maryland beer called Retribution by DuClaw Brewing. It’s an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels. So good.”

Owe someone a beer?  Cash in on the karma points and head over to BeerGivr.  

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About the Author

When Zach Davis isn't getting lost in the mountains, he is hustling from Boulder, CO as Tech Cocktail's Director of Marketing. He is the author of Appalachian Trials, a book chronicling the mindset necessary for thru-hiking all 2,181 miles of the Appalachian Trail, a feat he accomplished in 2011. Zach is a green tea enthusiast, die-hard Chicago sports fan, and avid concert-goer. Follow Zach on Twitter: @zrdavis.


9 Responses to “Repay Your Beer Debts With BeerGivr”

    • Sean Kennedy

      Charles, actually we were unaware of their product until we got some less than flattering communications. Kudos if they were the "original" company but there are now over a dozen direct competitors. We have identified some distinct product differences and look forward to the competition!

  1. John Bobian

    Unnecessary is an understatement. This is the sort of crap that makes the the US look like an innovation dead horse. We're in trouble if our economy depends on growing with such nonsense startups.

    • Sean Kennedy

      There are so many "unnecessary" ventures that become profitable, provide a unique service, and assist the economy by providing jobs. We look forward to being one of those and hope one day you will see value in what we are going to accomplish. We appreciate your comment nonetheless. It helps fuel us even more.

  2. Melani

    This becomes a very interesting service if/when integrated to other services or apps that consumers engage with on a regular basis and more frequently. High five to the founding team.

  3. Matthew

    As a Beergivr user it was easy to purchase and use. I enjoyed using this app and all my friends who were with me were talking about it for 5-10 minute or so… Its a great conversation piece along with easy to use service.


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