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Tech Cocktail Las Vegas

“Run Unabashedly Free Through Life So You Can Live”


At our recent Tech Cocktail Week in Downtown Vegas, Frank Gruber welcomed to the stage a host of great speakers to help promote the launch of his book Starup Mixology. Sarah Evans was first to take the stage as part of the panel, and we learned that fitting into traditional job roles and titles isn’t for everybody (especially her).

Originally from Chicago, Evans came to Vegas to work with a startup company. She uprooted her family and brought her husband and 1 year old child to the desert. While it didn’t end up working out the way she wanted, Evans and her family had fallen in love with Downtown Vegas.

So, it fell to Evans to put a label on what she wanted to do in Vegas, and she realized a few key points. First, she didn’t like managing people. Second, Evans realized she could create her own position and title.

As a digital correspondent, Evans could be more than just an ambassador to brands and actually curate a team of people to act as a pseudo-newsroom for brands around big events, live events, and big moments in time.

Her success can be attributed to her life mission statement that she created in her first job: it hasn’t changed over the past 10 years. Evans has chosen to leverage fear to her advantage as she runs unabashedly through life. That’s led her to do one crucially important thing: live.

Here’s the video:


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