Scott Case: The One Thing Founders Shouldn’t Forget

January 17, 2014

5:41 pm

Being an entrepreneur comes naturally to Scott Case; he’s been in the game since his days of cutting grass in high school. His entrepreneurial drive took him all the way to CTO for, and he’s even scaled businesses that help small nonprofits optimize their funding via the internet.

Previously Case was splitting himself time between Startup America Partnership and Malaria No More but now has a stealth startup called Main Street Genome. And while it’s a lot of work, the important thing to him is that he gets an opportunity to build his own stuff or work with others building stuff from scratch.

Being an individual who always wants to be on the ground floor of ideas means that he’s seen a lot of mistakes in his day, and he thinks that a lot of startups out there focus too much on product development. What they should be doing, according to him, is focusing on customer and network development.

Startups are in a unique place right now given that they have access to a whole body of knowledge and people who can help them think through how to successfully grow. Case built Startup America specifically to focus on bringing together the huge community of startups and provide access to that range of knowledge.

“If you’re a startup in the US, you should be taking advantage of every asset you can,” says Case.

Here is the video:



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