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Tech Cocktail

JetSmarter Is Uber for Affordable Private Jets


Feeling so fly like a G6 is now as easy as tapping on your smartphone. The Boca Raton-based startup JetSmarter recently launched a new app that allows flyers to book a seat on a private jet from their smartphones. Just like using Uber to get a ride, but on a private plane. Now, you (well, probably your… Read more »

Mass Mosaic Hosts a Hit Festival in the Bronx

mass mosaic

Mass Mosaic is “a website that lets you exchange with your friends, groups, and community in real time.” Essentially, users can get anything they want “on demand” through various ways of exchange. Here’s a quick overview of how Mass Mosaic works: Users can exchange in all ways that are possible for two or more people  – “This includes gift, borrow, share,… Read more »

How Workload Automation can Benefit Small Businesses


Being a small business competing against much larger corporations–a small fish in a very big pond, if you will–is no easy thing. Large businesses simply have the resources and capabilities to tackle big problems at a more efficient rate than their smaller competitors. One place where large businesses have excelled is in automation, more specifically… Read more »

Top Tech Companies Are Now Using Ruby on Rails

ruby on rails

Tech professionals have hailed the Ruby on Rails framework as the future of web application design. There are no limits to who can use it; it is flexible (while remaining a powerful platform) and simple to use (while not compromising on key functions). Some think it is mostly suitable for small to medium enterprises, but… Read more »