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Meet The 40+ Startups of Tech Cocktail Celebrate

tech cocktail celebrate startups

Throughout the year, we’ve traveled far and wide with the goal of uncovering the nation’s hottest startups.  In 20+ cities, we’ve uncovered 40+ startups who have been recognized as their city’s Hottest Showcasing Startup. On October 24 and 25th, we’re thrilled to show these startups off to the world at Tech Cocktail Celebrate, our national… Read more »

Macaw, the Code-Savvy Web Design Tool Raises $175K+ on Kickstarter


Building beautiful websites is mastering the art of both design and front-end development. Web designers must focus on crafting beautiful, intuitive websites while developers meticulously bring these elements to life through lines of code. Out of all of the web design tools out there, not one seamlessly integrates these two processes. With existing tools, you… Read more »

Meet the 24 Startups Pitching at Tech Cocktail Celebrate


Tech Cocktail has spent the past year traveling far and wide, uncovering the hottest startups in cities across the country.  Each region had two Hottest Showcasing Startups, as determined by an online poll leading up to the event and a live SMS poll at the event.  We’ve invited all of these Hottest Showcasing Startups to be a… Read more »

Pittsburgh’s Hottest Showcasing Startups Are…


Last Friday was Tech Cocktail’s Pittsburgh Mixer and Startup Showcase at CAVO.  As always, we held our Hottest Showcasing Startup series, including the pre-event Reader’s Choice online poll, as well as the Best Pitch award, as determined by the Live SMS poll. Pittsburgh’s HOTTEST SHOWCASING STARTUP: Reader’s Choice Inktd - Cloud-based, scheduling platform for tattoo shops. Inktd strengthens… Read more »

Shindig Goes Well with Any Drink


Harry Raymond always fancied himself a refined drinker of alcohol, but no matter how much wine he drank, he could never quite remember the details about it. What was the region it came from? What was the vintage? What were the tannins like? What exactly are tannins? So, like most of us, he typically settled… Read more »

ThreeStay, the Virtual Front Desk for Rental Property Owners


Murphy’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It might seem a bit pessimistic at first, but think about all the times that something has gone completely in your life wrong when it was supposed to go right. Alexander Diner and Alexander Mologoko experienced Murphy’s wisdom firsthand when they tried to enjoy… Read more »

Noom Runs on Motivation and Encouragement


“Will, only 15 percent of people in the United States exercise,” says Adam Fawer, general manager at Noom during our phone interview. “On top of that, 50 percent of the country is on a diet at any given time, and about seventy percent of Americans are considered obese.” “Wait, let’s backup a bit,” I say…. Read more »

Follow Through on Your Good Intentions, Use BOND


I rarely interrupt my morning breakfast ritual for anything, but an email I got the other day forced my hand. There was something different about this email, though, because inside was a beautifully designed and laid-out electronic note. The top reads, “Introducing BOND, it’s now easy to be exceptional with handwritten notes and cool gifts.”… Read more »

Use Well-Rounded Reviews to Hire Top Talent with Digmybrand


Finding top talent in any industry is a challenge. You can spend endless hours pouring over resumes and cover letters, interviewing candidate after candidate, and still never get the full picture. The problem with all of these pieces is they don’t always provide accurate representations of job candidates. Referrals can be biased, resumes can be… Read more »

Get Some Schooling, Sign up for Sock 101

Sock 101

Have you seen Craig Sager’s suits when he is interviewing the Black Mamba, King James, or Durantula court side? The royal purples, bright pinks, and exquisite patterns abound; he is all about making a statement. The rest of the men’s fashion world can thank Sager, along with many other sports commentators and public figures, for… Read more »

The Top 10 Android Games

top Android games

Whatever the productive and daily uses for our Android device, there remains one constant for wasting time: playing games. Nothing beats a great mobile game to burn time on your cross-country flight, alleviate the headache at the DMV, or to take your mind off the stress of the day before bed. There are a lot… Read more »

VOTE Your Favorite Startup to Pitch at Tech Cocktail Celebrate: Who is The Startup Pavilion Crowd Favorite?


Well, this is big. Throughout the year, Tech Cocktail has uncovered the hottest startups from around the country.  From Boise to Boston, Dallas to DC, Minneapolis to Miami, NYC to New Orleans, Portland to…well…you get it.  Each Mixer featured one Reader’s Choice and Best Pitch winner, each sharing the honors of their city’s Hottest Showcasing… Read more »

Tampa Bay’s Hottest Startups Are…


Last night was Tech Cocktail’s Tampa Bay Social at Fox Jazz Cafe.  Of the startups included at the event, the Tech Cocktail editorial team selected the two hottest.  And they were… Tampa Bay’s Hottest Startups LilyPad Solutions - Using gamification, coaching, social, and cloud principles, LilyPad provides a unique set of tools for both sales management and… Read more »

17 Startups Faced Off at Startup Jackpot NYC

__Startup jackpot

The entrepreneurial hub Alley, in New York City, hosted Startup Jackpot’s most recent grassroots startup competition on September 28th. The stage was set for 17 different startups to pitch their ideas and compete for the jackpot of $10,000 cash with an additional $35,000 in prizes. Before the action began, Startup Jackpot hosted a series of… Read more »

Surf Air Bringing Luxury Airline Service to Las Vegas

Surf Air

Tech companies who receive funding from Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project all commit to giving back to the community in some way. For Surf Air, their contribution is luxury air service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – opening up a first-class pipeline between the two cities. “Airlines are historically a great facilitator of economic impact,”… Read more »