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Pioneering the Crossroads of Big Data and Technology: Q&A with Simple Relevance’s Erik Severinghaus


After getting his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Erik Severinghaus has spent time in the corporate world, most notably at IBM, and the startup world, having been a founding member of iContact and KoalaDeal.  It’s apparent he prefers the latter, as he is now onto his third startup, Simple Relevance, a recommendation engine that equips… Read more »

Moteevate Uses Psychology to Help You Achieve Your Goals


As psychologists continue to study what motivates us – and why our new gym membership gets used once in January then forgotten – New York startup Moteevate is putting their insights into practice. Moteevate is a social network for achieving goals, from “ace a job interview” to “become vegetarian” to even “achieve happiness.” The site… Read more »

Instagrille: Sync Instagram Activity to Your PC


Checking Instagram can be is a huge time suck for most of us. But a desktop app is making it even easier for you to stay tuned to your fellow mobile photographers’ activity – with a few new features. Instagrille is a desktop application that syncs activity from your Instagram account to your PC. The visually pleasing, browser-sized… Read more »

Wink: If Zynga and Had a Baby… [INTERVIEW]


Bio: Aaron Zeitner has started or assisted in a variety of startups in industries such as mobile, television, advertising, and finance. Tech Cocktail: What is Wink and who is it for? Aaron Zeitner: Wink is different than the dating sites currently in the marketplace. Wink steps away from the highly criticized matching algorithms and reverts back to… Read more »

Former MLB All-Star Shawn Green Co-Founds JockTalk, Social Platform For Fans and Athletes


If you thought the wall between sports fans and their favorite athletes was low already, just wait for JockTalk. Co-founded by Shawn Green, former two-time MLB All-Star and gold glove winner, and Brenden Kensel, co-founder of Salesmation (which was promptly sold to eSynergies), JockTalk is hoping to become the go-to venue for athletes to connect with… Read more »

Vote Now to Bring FounderDating to Your City & Meet Startup Cofounders


If you live in cities like DC and Chicago and are looking for a cofounder, FounderDating wants you to apply by Friday to unlock your city. If more than 50 entrepreneurs apply (check out the current rankings), FounderDating will open up its online network for entrepreneurs to meet cofounders, including invite-only kickoff events. FounderDating sorts… Read more »

Social Discovery App Answers “What Are You Doing Tonight?” – And Only Tonight


Does the world need another social discovery app? Doingtonight co-founders Raji Bedi, Dan Koza and Alan Laudicina think so. “The world needs an easier way to find an answer to ‘What are you doing tonight?’” said Bedi.  “We are deadset on making that conversation easier because it’s a simple question that’s really complex. ‘Social discovery’ happens, as… Read more »

How to Find Your Target Users: Lessons from Crowdspoke


Crowdspoke launched to be the news site for every imaginable community, with curated content and tweets around everything from iPhone 4S reviews, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, to even Tech Cocktail. But that vision has been replaced; here’s why. Warning Signs. Late last year, a handful of (competing) news apps launched, and Crowdspoke… Read more »