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Tech Cocktail

CTA Delays? Complain about Your Commute on TransitChatter


“Driving in traffic is a different kind of hell every day,” said Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert. The same could be said for taking the metro. Somehow after weeks and weeks of delays, construction, and bumper-to-bumper, we still hope for a smooth commute. That’s why commuting is its own class of agony. To ease the pain… Read more »

There’s an App For That: New Apps and Features from Eventbrite, YesWare, Uppidy, and More

App update

The ubiquitous online event planning tool Eventbrite has launched an At The Door Credit Card Reader for iPad, which basically turns an iPad into a mobile box office.  It lets event organizers sell tickets and merchandise and track attendees; the goal is to better compete with Ticketmaster by providing a better, cheaper, and more flexible… Read more »

Where’s the Humanity in Social Media Content? Take a Peek at Peekseed


Q: Where’s the humanity in social media content? A: Peekseed In the ongoing stream of tweets, likes, shares, emoticons, commenting, and other social sharing methods, we’re still somewhat limited in our personal expressions online. Currently, our social web lives are shackled to sharing services that fail to capture true and genuine interests due to their… Read more »

Rock Your Block: The Social-Networked Job Engine for Teens

Rock Your Block

I wish Rock Your Block existed when I was in high school.  (Of course, there was no Internet then, so that is truly wishful thinking….)  This Minneapolis-based startup has developed an online and mobile location-based application that helps 13-17 year-olds find neighborhood jobs, part-time work and internship opportunities within their community.  They are moving the… Read more »

DeadSocial: Putting a New Spin on Social Networking


This is a little macabre, but it is still an interesting statistic: 3.24% of all Facebook profiles belong to the deceased.  Because death, like taxes, is inevitable, this number is naturally increasing with each passing moment. London-based DeadSocial has created a software platform around this basic fact of life.  They let you create a range… Read more »

Gauss Wants to be the People Magnet For Your Pocket


Social bridging: a mobile application built to bridge the gap between on and offline social interaction based upon proximity, mutual friends and interests – is a term I just made up to describe a trend to look for at this year’s SXSWi.  It’s clear this is going to be the next wave of social tools… Read more »